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3D Sign Letters or Dimensional Letters For Your Building?

Posted by Frank Murch | Jun 28, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Re-brand and mark your buildings with custom signage! In this example, the Fellowship Church re-branded to Coast City Church. This church is an institution in Oceanside. It has a long history, but it also had a narrow group of people using the church. This church is a true service to the community, and they wanted to extend their services to a broader group. The answer was to re-brand. Re-branding the church brought more interest and attracted more members of the community. In result, the church was rejuvenated and their re-dedication to the community was received positively responding. They benefited from higher attendance, new visitors, and a greater community involvement. Its re-branding was a true win.dimensional  Church Offices.jpg

Signs for San Diego did a lot of the signage for the church, but today we are focusing on their non-electric 3D letter signs. We call these dimensional letters. Coast City Church has multiple buildings and functions. We helped them by marking these buildings with dimensional letters.

Dimensional Letters are cut from sheets of materials. Many materials are available. Two popular choices are Acrylic and PVC. Both are plastics, both are very durable and work well. There are some differences:

Routed Acrylic Letters have a shine to them. They are normally ¼” but can be thicker. Acrylic is a great material for these 3D letters.

Routed PVC Letters have a matte finish to them. They are a marginally less expensive and come in sizes that are ½” to 1” thick. If you are interested in creating more dimension, PVC is a great answer.

Coast City Church is a great destination church in Oceanside. We are happy we could help them with their re-branding by creating custom signs. Can we help you? Give us a call and lets find out!

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