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Is It or is it not a Lobby Sign?

Posted by Frank Murch | Aug 17, 2016 10:00:00 AM

The term “lobby signs” is something Sign Companies made us to describe a family of signs used for display within a building. Providian is interesting because it has a dimensional letter Lobby Sign high up in their production floor.Lobby_Sign_Providien.jpg

Signs are as varies and different as their owners, in this case the factory floor is a show area for victors. Each lobby sign communicates the company’s approach to doing business. It communicate the branding message evoking feelings and attitudes in the visitor. This sign is a tall order – about 22 feet up.

Applied vinyl to a wall vs dimensional letters. Originally Signs for San Diego applied vinyl directly to the paint. This often gives good results but not in this case, The new paint, outgassing and the heat in the room made adhesion an issue. So we switched to a foam dimensional letter with a vinyl overlay.Lobby_Sign_Providien_3.jpg

These letters are 1/3” foam, and were routed in-house. The routing of different materials requires different setups. Foam is a material we do not normally use because of its outdoor limitations. Indoor and at 22 feet, it was the correct material for this application. It is light, the edges are black and this increases the 3D look of the letters.

The vinyl was important because with digital printing we matched the Pantone color other company wanted. It is the same material used on the outside on the building.

These were installed using a ladder, this is unusual for us. Most installs at a height happen outside and we use a bucket truck or even a crane to do the work. Here access was limited and we ended up using one of the many ladders in our extensive collection.

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