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Banner installed in the middle of the night – high up there

Posted by Frank Murch | Aug 2, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Ever wonder how banners ends up on retail stores? I mean one day there are not there and the next day, there is a banner. It is one of life’s small mistories and here is how it happens.

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Really Big Banner, Cal State University, San Marcos

Posted by Frank Murch | Jul 26, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Have your ever wondered how big banners get up there? How they stay up there?

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Need Retail Office Signs?

Posted by Frank Murch | Jan 26, 2016 8:04:00 AM

Need Retail Office Signs? 

Office and Business Park Signs are Signs for San Diego’s thing! We do a boat load of them and there is a good reason why. Travel Trust in Carlsbad is a great example. Travel trust is an international travel agent with offices and personal overseas. The problem is there signs were old and tired. While the company is growing, the signs were deteriorating. Travel trust wanted to update their image without taking out a loan to do it. We recently did exactly this for them with a refaced sign. 

Re facing a sign is great because: You already own the substrate of base of the sign, you don’t normally need a new one, just the face. We use vinyl and a strong laminate that will give years of service and renew the sign. Using vinyl is great because any image in any color can be printed on

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How Banners can kickstart your business

Posted by Frank Murch | Jan 28, 2015 2:29:00 PM

We often find out about new companies before they open because they call us for signs. This recently happened with “Le Bon Message” 4263 Oceanside Blvd, Ste 101

Oceanside CA 92056. This is great news for anybody looking for the benefits on message.  What are these benefits?La_Bon_2

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The top 11 things you want to know about banners

Posted by Frank Murch | Mar 3, 2014 2:44:00 AM

Banners are an extremely cost effective way to sell your service, product or event to the world. They are easy to get, versatile to use, communicate a message quickly and provide a high return.

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