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Is my Illuminated Sign Green? LED Conversion.

Posted by Frank Murch | Jan 23, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Illuminated Signage, that is a channel letter set, a Sign Cabinet or a monument is likely to be florescent lamps or Neon if it is over 10 years old. These lighting methods were the best available at the time, but modern signage is 99% LED lighting. 

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Royalie and a Push Through LED Building Sign

Posted by Frank Murch | Dec 18, 2014 6:01:00 AM

What is you could have bought from Coco Chanel before she created one of the most coveted and respected labels in the world. Or Vera Wang, or Giorgio Armani or Alison Choi?

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Use lighted signs to accent your lobby – two new solutions

Posted by Frank Murch | Jun 4, 2014 5:16:00 AM

Since the 1920s neon has been a lighting source of choice for signs. In the late 1930s fluorescent lamps also have been used. But in the past 5 years both of these have lost market share and are now disappearing. LEDs have replaced these traditional light sources and with good reason. LEDs are brighter, run cold and run on low voltage. LED lighting is also much much smaller.

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