Dimensional Letters Wall Signs

Exterior Building Signs

Dimensional letters and dimensional signs are used on many business park and industrial Park buildings. For business with day time traffic, they are perfect. In retail settings dimensional sign lettering or letter signs often supplement channel letters. 

Dimensional letters are made from Acrylic, foam, PVC, Aluminum and wood for a number of different “looks”. Aluminum is commonly used for a stainless steel sign look. Particularly brushed Aluminum. Foam signs are common when a large thick letter is needed because of the light weight. Both painted and unpainted Acrylic and PVC is popular

Dimensional letters and dimensional signs are used in Lobby Signs and Monuments, Exterior Building Signs are shown here

Acrylic comes in a range of different colors and typically has a shiny surface. It can also be painted or digitally printed vinyl applied for specific colors.

Metal looks are laminates on a plastic and are nearly always aluminum, painted or anodized, brushed or polished.

PVC comes in a range of thicknesses and has a matte finish,

Foam also comes in a range of thicknesses and densities. 

Channel letters with internally lite LEDs are commonly seen on retail and high profile buildings. Channel Letters are more expensive and not needed for many daylight businesses. Many businesses operate in industrial and business parks where extreme visibility is not needed or allowed. Dimensional Lettering is a great alternative

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