Lobby Signs

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  • Lobby_Sign_Genentech_2nd_surface_2.jpg
    Stainless Steel Stand Offs used for wieght
  • Lobby Sign Sage
    Brush Aluminum Stand Offs 
  • lobby sign gibbs Insurance
    Stand Offs give a cheaper sign a rich look
  • Lobby_Sign_Genentech_Acrylic_Shaping_3.jpg
    Stand Offs used to provide the space for back lighting
  • HoldRiteLobbySignE.jpg
    Aluminum Stand Offs used with sub surface print for an inexpensive, but interesting Lobby Sign
  • IDE1.jpg
    Sign with holes drilled for Stand Offs and a daughter board
  • IDE3.jpg
    Stand Offs used on reception desk
  • Lobby Sign Fed Ex lobby Signs
    classic Stand Offs

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