Are dim bulbs showing up at your business?
Is your little tranny having AC/DC issues?
Too much sun exposure? Is the skin peeling off your sign?
  • With Fluorescent bulbs, as with babies, when brown discoloration appears at one end. It is time to change them.
  • What is a HO? When your Fluorescent bulbs burn out, you need a HO or High Output replacement. You can’t find HOs at Home Depot. They are only available through wholesale electrical and sign distributors. Yes, we stock HOs.
  • Don’t know if the tranny is working? Touch the thing! Working, happy trannys are warm and often have a slight vibration. Cold dead trannys need replacement. We can help.
  • Not getting turned on? Signs get turned on via timers, sensors and sometimes both. If you can no longer turn your sign on, and counseling did not help, call us, we come to your aid.
  • Have dim bulbs? Replace them with best and brightest. If you replace one dim bulb the others get jealous – replace them all. It will save you a future service call. The risks of doing this yourself Height – If it’s up there, we use our bucket truck which takes us up safely to the right place. Occasionally we use ladders – we have 6 foot, 8, 10, 12, 24 and 32 foot ladders.
  • Ours Services Include:
    • Fluorescent Lamp replacement • Sign Repair
    • Sign Removal
    • Sign Installation
    • LED Retrofitting
    • Neon Repairs
    • Sign Cleaning
    • Ballast Replacement
    • Replacing Transformers • Other Sign Maintenanc
  • Signs for San Diego has technicians that are friendly, fast and efficient. Need sign repair? We can help. To schedule maintenance, counseling or sign repair please call us at 760-730-5118
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    fluorescent lamp replacement
  • ADA-Room-Electric-230x150.jpg
    wiring and electrical
  • Maxdon-electrical-_not_sure.jpg
    Sign controls
  • Service-electric_timer.jpg
    Sign Clock
  • Service Ballast B.jpg
    Power Supply
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  • Service LED light.jpg
    LED Conversion
  • Service Site Survey Monument frame.jpeg
    Monument Electric 
  • Service Burnt Lamp.jpg
    fluorescent lamp replacement
  • Service Silicon.jpg
    Weather roofing and grounding
  • Service power supply 2.jpg
    LED Power Supply replacements
  • Channel letter Install Bruce Bucket M.jpg
    Wiring through a wall
  • Channel Letters Reverse1.jpg
    Wiring and mounting LEDs
  • Repair Vons half lite.jpg
    Burnt out sign