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Truck and Trailer Advertising


Box Truck and Semi Trailer Graphics: A Cost effective solution.


If your compay uses box trucks or Semi Trailers, and you have not used the sides and back of those boxes to tell customers about your products – you are missing one of the most cost effective advertizing opportunities available.


The cost of a Billboards rental is between $800 and $5000 a month, The cost of a newspaper ad, even a small one is $200 to $5000 an issue, the cost of Box Truck or Semi Trailer Graphics is the cost of the design, installation and Zero dollars a month for the life of the truck. Box trucks moving billboard, ads ciculating the streets. They bring in a targeted customer bases too. Your trucks are traveling to your existing customer sites – in your region, on your streets and nieghborhoods. New customers are very much like your current customers. That is targeting. The cost of these customers is less – they are already on the same routes. They are likely to be competitors of your current customer, or companies with similar needs – needs you can already service.


Good Vehicle graphics optimizes your advertising effectiveness. You know what products are profitable for your company. You know what is popular and attractive to prospective customers. With a box, you have plenty of area to showcase these products. Use a stricking graphic, use bright colors, Bold lettering to communicate your message fast and dramatically.


Understand your goal. Most advertising has a goal or purpose. All good advertising takes one additional step. Create a “call to action” . The 3 most common calls to action are: Call us, Visit our web site, and Visit us. It is a mistake to attempt to sell the product directly. People buy from people. Normally the prospective customer will contact you or research your company before approaching with a PO in hand. Plan for this and have your “call to action” obvious. This can be “call us for more information” or “Visit our web site to see more” or “drop by out showroom”


High resolution digital images with your “call to action” are the mainstay of these designs. We can help plan an effective layout. This helps with familuarity, exposing your name, your logo, your product over time. Potential customers may see your box truck or trailer dozens of times. Over weeks and months, they remamber you and associate the product with your company. Even years later, when a need comes up they remember your name when the need for the product comes up. Even better, many ads are tuned out, but the viewer on the road pays much more attition to the vehis=cles around them than the radio, TV or Newspaper. This helps drive the message home.


Signs for San Diego can help you with the design, the materials and the installation. We know the best way to get notices. We have the material and construction knowledge to make the effort last for years and years. We can schedule a time when you are not using your vehicle.


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Truck and Trailer Advertising

Examples of completed trucks and one blank
  • Example of a moving company that gets business through the ads on their truck
    Example of a moving company that gets business through the ads on their truck
  • Example of a furniture company that gets business through the ads on their truck
    Example of a furniture company that gets business through the ads on their truck
  • Freshly completed ad to help boost business
    Freshly completed ad to help boost business
  • Another moving company
    Another moving company
  • A missed opportunity
    A missed opportunity