Sand Bast Signs 

Get your North County business noticed with classic wood signage that attract business.

Sandblasted Signage changes a regular siting into a classic space.


These signs are used in the historic areas of Carlsbad, as monument signs and directional signs in San Marcos, in legal and medical offices in Oceanside and the is the urban development areas of Vista.  These signs are ideal for medical offices, Bed & breakfasts, Schools, CPAs, manufacturing companies, Coffee Shops, restaurants and much more.




Achieving a distinct and beautiful style brands your business as well established, stable and trustworthy. Custom sandblasted wood signs convey just that. Sandblasted wood signage have a rustic older look and feel

These signs are commonly done in Wood (Ceder or Redwood) and HDU. 

Wood – in redwood or cedar has a weight and grain that is enhanced with sand blasting

Silverwood HOA Sand Blast Sign

HDU (High-Density Urethane) comes in different weights. It is still lighter that real wood, it lacks the wood grain, It also is totally resistance to monster and water and has no insect problems. HDU can not crack or warp. It is also not as durable as wood.


Serving Oceanside, Vista, Carlsbad, San Marcos and the surrounding North County San Diego area.

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