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5 Ways to Design Banners to Increase Business

Posted by Frank Murch | May 22, 2013 5:43:00 PM

5 Ways to Design Banners to Increase Busines Often the goal of advertising is lost in the artistic or subjective discussions. The goal of any advertising piece is to increase response and ultimately business.

1. Colors can complement or detract from one another. It normal situations a banner will be seen and accepted in a second or less.  Highly readable color combinations increase comprehension and response  while less well chosen color combinations slow down comprehension and increase the chance of an interested customer to miss the message.

2. The shape of a banner and the text / graphics should complement each other  Forcing a lot of text into a narrow vertical sign decreases the ability to read it and with that the response.

3. Keep it simple short  one to five word messages work best.  It you do not need a word  take it out. Also products work better than company names  short is better than long.

4. Use the space – place the message in as large a space as possible. This combined with as few words as possible make the letters larger and more readable 

Color Combinations for banners

5. Use the wind the sun and the light.  Color  simplicity of massage and motion all attract attention. Use the wind  place in a bight spot  and be bold


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