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Vehicle Wrap? Can Traffic make you money??

Posted by Frank Murch | Jul 11, 2013 4:14:00 AM

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Vehicle Wrap? Can Traffic make you money??

Advertising can be a huge boost to a business or a total waste of money. Finding the right mix between different types of marketing is difficult.  There is an old joke:  “I’m wasting half my ad budget. I just don’t know which half.”

Prospective customers ignore advertisements. There are so many ads, your advertising can be easily ignored or washed out in the noise. Radio, Newspapers, direct mail, web sites – the ways companies advertise is immense. Every type of advertising has its good points, and its weaknesses.  So in this vast array of conflicting and crowded advertising how are you going to get your message to the people who can buy from you?

Catch Then when they are open to receive your message. The average commute time in the US is 24 minutes.  In Southern California (San Diego, Oceanside, Vista, Carlsbad and Encinitas for example)  it is more true.  During this period the driver must maintain a focus on driving, seeing the cars around them, checking speed, watching for turns and traffic signals. It is imperative to know the cars and trucks around your vehicle. One must focus on the cars in front and to the sides. A vehicle with a message is noticed, it must be.

Types of vehicles that can be wrapped  Vehicle graphics are categorized into the type of vehicle. Car wraps, Van Wraps, Service truck Wraps, Semi Truck Trailer Wraps, Boat Wraps and ever plane wraps are available. The strategy depends on the target audience. A semi truck trailed wrap for interstate commerce is a mobile bill board and is so valuable – the space can be sold. A service truck parked in front of the customer’s home is a form on customer endorsement or reference. A boat wrap can increase the excitement surrounding that boat within the harbor.

Types of Graphics on the vehicles. Vehicle graphics range from letters on a window or a magnetic sign on a door to quarter wrap vehicles, half wrapped vehicles and a full wrap. It may seem that a complete car wrap would be twice as good as a half vehicle wrap, but this is not the case. Getting your name out there is extremely important and a smaller investment may drive big results.

In the hierarchy of signs and advertising a business card is near the top, a sign on a business’ door or near it telling customers who you are is also required. I web site and next is most likely – an identification of a service vehicle.

Car wrap advertising gives companies the most effective cost per view available. It is a cost-effective, memorable, and efficient way to reach customers. These customers are also in the exact areas your existing customers are.  They are targeted, both in motion and while stopped?

I car wrap is a temporary thing.  A good car wrap will easily last 3 years under hard use. There are many vehicle wraps on the road today that have seen 7-10 years, but what happens when it is time to sell the old steed? The newer wraps are removable. It takes a little time and effort, but the process is more removable today than ever before. The vinyl used today is hugely improved over the vinyl used even 4 years ago.

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