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9 points that will make your Trade show more successful

Posted by Frank Murch | Aug 15, 2013 6:14:00 AM

Knowing these 9 points and working each to be improved optimized the effort, saves money and time.

Running a trade show is expensive: travel with airfare, hotels, means, the rental car and more. Then getting there involves the Trade show booth, the Booth space (booth location), and Trade show graphics and the labor. It is not uncommon to have a “Trade Show burn rate” of $10,000 / hour. 

Data and information – missing. Given the expense, one would think good data on what works and what does not would exist! Where to put a booth, how to create and place the correct things into that booth and what to do with that booth is not easy; Opinions are everywhere and are rarely supported by the facts. What does exist is fragmented and impractical.

The need for a scientific way to measure. Finding myself in this situation while running a large marketing organization frustrated me until I found a way to cut through the noise and measure results against a set of variables.

Tracking the crowd. I used time elapsed cameras mounted high in the booth looking down at prospects as they drifted in and out of the booth. I used interns to track other prospects and record how they approached, what they looked at, who they talked to and then collated all this data into a series of patterns.  Knowing what people do and why allows for changes in the location of booths, the placement of booth elements and script the support staff’s responses to maximize the leads, the pre-qualification process and get more out of the company’s investment.

This paper describes the results for the booth placement and the location of the booth elements.  A follow up paper describes how to make the staff more effective within the optimized booth.

Where to Put your Booth. The best booth locations and configurations are near the entrance, are islands and are directly in the main traffic flow. When picking space – did anybody look at the traffic patterns and rate the available choices?  Did anybody even know how to do it? Understanding where the traffic is (and where is isn’t) is key to optimizing location. A poor location depresses leads and can make a trade show display ineffective.  An understanding of Trade Show Booth viewing channels is required.

Multiple Booth Element Placement  Once the viewing channels are understood the way prospects view a company’s products is also understood. Using a strategy to set up tradeshow banners, displays, pop-ups and all the products a straight forward process. This takes optimizes the tradeshow booth to fit the prospect and maximizes the leads. The simpliest way to design an optimized trade show booth is to have all the machines with their own zones. 

Motion, Sound and Color. Using camera footage one thing became apparent very quickly. A machine that was running, making noise with moving lights or brightly lit attracts a lot of attention.  It is easy to see prospects turn their heads, linger a little longer, approach more often when the a trade show display catches their eye. What caught the eye? Motion, color, light!!! Focusing on Motion, Color and Light in every tradeshow booth elements attracts and draws in more people. It enhances recall and engagement and sells products. 

Text, Language, and Contrast. In a trade show environment the people are walking about 15 to 20 foot out from each trade show element.

Limit the Amount of Text. Many companies try to get “everything in there” and they succeed: in reducing attention, reducing text size, and depressing prospect involvement. A large title and a smaller list is the correct amount. Using enough text to cause a question is ideal. The Trade Show Support Staff should answer questions and cause involvement to be heightened. Cover everything important, but create interest by leaving a lot unanswered. It creates interest and engagement. 

What to know these techniques?  

Download 5 Top Tips to Pick Trade  Show Booths Space

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