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10 Things your Trade Show Booth staff should be doing and aren’t!!

Posted by Frank Murch | Aug 1, 2013 5:08:00 AM

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10 Things your Trade Show Booth staff should be doing and aren’t!!

What to do, and why to do it in the Trade Show Booth.

Every year sales staff work trade shows booths. Half of the success may be showing up, but this paper focuses on the other half – What to do, and why to do it in the booth. Based off camera studies – That is many hours of watching the best and worst behaviors – resulted is 10 specific behaviors to maximize results.  Want to know what these are:

What to wear and why a suit may not be the best choice. Wearing the wrong cloths costs leads, reduces the engagement times and reduces sales, but the correctly dressed support staff in the Trade Show Booth maximizes the prospects comfort and engagement.


Watching What Others Wear. Meeting a person for the first time starts with understanding who they are, or does it?  Noticing what they are wearing tips off who they are and can save a lot of time. Normally a competitor, a college professor or a future customer wear different clothes – Know what they are likely to wear and get a jump on the exchange


Prospects turn into customers when the length and depth of the exchanges increase. When a prospect is telling a company what they need and the Trade Show Booth support staff is telling the prospect what they can do – matching occurs. Increasing the length, depth and duration of conversations with buyers increases sales.


Know where customers make decisions. The decision to enter the Trade Show Booth is made in the isle way – a safe distance from the sales staff. This protects the prospect from a cold introduction and possible rejection or awkwardness.  Knowing what is happening and where gives an edge to those who apply that information.


The importance of open space and why Prospects will not enter an area with no escape. Setting up an area to “invite and reassure” is easy, but most do not realize the need even exists. The physical layout is one part and the interpersonal behavior is another.


Verbal engagements. The mantra for using open questioning is as old as Trade Shows themselves, but the use of closed questions are rarely discussed. Closed ended questions allow a Trade Show Booth Staff to position the prospect correctly. Open ended questions allow for a conversation to pull information out. Using a combination is the most effective. Do you know how to use these techniques together to get the most out of the conversation?


The goals of the Exchange. Reviewing the goals of the prospect and Trade Show Support Staff exchange is obvious, but most of these conversations miss the mark. Reviewing the goal of the interaction improves that interaction. Do your sales staff know what they need to do??


Different Groups Why different groups do not mix. Often planning Trade Show Booth Graphics, Displays and demonstrations miss the point. Competitors obviously do not like to share questions with each other, they share the answers even less willingly. Want to depress a conversation? – Introduce a prospect’s competitor into the conversation. Most prospects are circumspect about the people around them


Examples of classic mistakes We all have behaviors we are unaware of that depress success. Sales people and support staff make the same behavioral misstates from San Diego to Boston, from the USA to Japan.


Trade Show Booth Displays. Trade Show Graphics, Roll up banners, Descriptive panels and every other Trade Show Booth element works with the staff to promote engagement, increase lead count and ultimately increase sales. Is your booth working for you or against you??


And many other details you need to know and manage while working a booth

Download Top techniques for Working Trade Show Booths

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