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46 logos with hidden Messages

Posted by Frank Murch | Aug 21, 2013 6:56:00 PM

These identify the company quickly and give customer’s a feeling for the company. Logos distinguish one company from another. So making a good logo is important. describe the image


I good logo is used on banners, building signs, Car Wraps, Lobby signs, Window Signs, Monument signs and nearly every other type of sign and communication for the company.

Making a logo interesting helps brand the company.  If customers focuses on the logo to study it, they are much more likely to remember it. So how can a company make its logo stand out?  One way is to place a double meaning, a hidden message or a shape into the logo one might not exspect.

Designers spend a lot of time working on creating a great logo. One of the reoccuring themes is to use negitive space. Another is to use a shape of a letter as a shape of something else. Also, the graphic qualities of the patterns on letters or images are also used.  Lets take a look and see 46 examples…


Download 46 Logos with Hidden meanings  

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