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Contractor’s Pick Up Graphics help make the phone ring

Posted by Frank Murch | Aug 29, 2013 12:40:00 PM

Here in Oceanside, Vista, Carlsbad and San Marco (North County San Diego),  The most cost effect way to get new jobs is to put your name and what you do on your pick up.  This does not need to be expensive. A full service truck wrap can be thousands, but cut vinyl lettering is a fraction of that. Cut vinyl is a great alternative because it is so effective. Vehicle lettering is quick, affordable and it results in calls!

describe the image 


Your truck is in the locations you do business in! It is on the job site, at the house and in-between – All great places to have others see your name and phone number. Your best customers and the competitor’s best customers see it. By having your name out there, you let future buyers know who is doing the work for their neighbors. It is like a surrogate reference from your customer.  How do you do this??

First the Pick up must be clean and free of all wax. Wax remover or Alcohol takes this down to the paint. Then we take your name and description cutting it into a high grade vinyl sheet. The sections between the letters are “weeded” out leaving only the parts you want – that is the letters and logo. Transfer tape is put on top and the whole “Sandwich” is placed on the truck.

 The alignment is key. Every piece aligns perfectly to the truck lines and contours. The release liner is cut and pulled  as the vinyl is adhered.  The transfer tape is Pulled off and it is finished

See this whole process in the video

make your  vehicle into a  SALES MACHINE



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