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9 Signs that Need No Words

Posted by Frank Murch | Sep 5, 2013 2:14:00 PM

There are shapes and images that convey meaning so fast they are more meaningful than words. They often come from Europe and the some come from ancient times. Their easy of recognition, their speed of understanding, and their universal meaning makes them as useful today as they were in the middle ages.

US Marine Corp Emblem

Do you knowthe history of these?

Do you know the meaning?

Test yourself on these 9 shapes that are among the most famous. If you have a business in North County San Diego, that is Oceanside, Vista, Carlsbad or San Marcos and have a business that could use these shapes – would you?

The barber pole – Do you fear the Barber will cut you?  There was a time when they did exactly that. There is meaning in the colors and shape. Learn the history

The Pawn Shop  - Have you watched “Pawn Stars”. Have noticed their shop sign and their shirts?  They are using an old symbol dating back 500 years. Learn the history and know the details here!!!

The butcher  - Where did butchers come from and why. Is there a difference between a rabit and a cow?? You bet and the difference in more than the ears, learn more here….

The Seamstress or Tailor - There are 3 symbols directly related to signs used for sewing.  Can you name these?? I bet you would recongize each one!!!

The Clock Shop - Clocks were the high tech devices of old. But there is a history I don’t think you know. Do you know when the first wrist watch was made? 

The Tabaco Shop – Do you know the relationship between a ship’s carpeter and American Indians and …Tabacco?? Everybody knows about the wooden cigar indian, but the relationships and history is very American. You should know this!!!

The Pharmacy Signs - There are several. These involve snakes, staffs and tools.  There is a difference between green and red too.  It is an interesting history, Can you name the elements and where they come from??

The Cobbler and Shoemaker – What is the difference between a cobbler and a shoe maker?  This started in the Roman army – really!!

The Marines emblem and seal - The eagle, the globe and the anchor is as much a part of North County San Diego and Oceanside as any symbol. It is a sign older than the US.

Take a look and learn interesting facts. Download the white paper here…..

 Download 9 Signs that  Need No Words

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