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Cut Vinyl Letters on Glass

Posted by Frank Murch | Sep 19, 2013 3:43:00 AM

In the world of commercial signage one of the best and easiest places to tell your prospects and customers about you is on the front door and windows. Glass makes a great substrate for all sorts of messaging.


Signs are generally expensive. Finding the right place is not easy, then there are the local zoning and permitting requirements. All of these factors make it an investment.


Increases in sales can be dramatic, but forecasting sales increases is not easy. The sign costs are real, but the future business is not (yet) real. So one way to decrease risk is to use the cheaper ways to advertise first. Generally the first few advertising efforts are also refining the message. If they do not “hit”, cheaper signs represent a lower risk.


Lettering and logos must be placed on a surface. Glass is a great surface and you already own it!  In addition, the location of the front door is ideal for a company name. It is also where your phone number and hours belong there.  Other important information helps – products, branding, and virtually anything you might want to say!


Most companies do not take full advantage of these doors and windows. That is a mistake. Cut vinyl is one of the least expensive ways to go.


A Sheet of Vinyl is used. A small blade cuts through the vinyl, but not through the “release liner” below. The “Release liner” is the shinny film used on the back of stickers. The cuts are in the shape of your letters and shapes. The sheet is “weeded”. Weeding is the removal of all the material not needed for your letters. This leaves only the parts you want. Then a “transfer tape” is rolled out on top. This “sandwich” makes up the preparation for your glass. It is a sheet – ready to apply.


Applying the letters to the window or door is straight forward. The sheet is aligned and tapes in position, Then the release liner in gradually removed, a special chemicals are applied and the letters attached to the glass. As the letters go on the release liner is removed.  When this is fully pealed away, the transfer tape and the letters are swept and all the air moved out to the sides.


The last step is to remove the transfer tape. Again gradually, and exposing the letters. Once the transfer tape is removed, the glass is now a sign.


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