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Magnetic Door Signs in Oceanside, Vista, Carlsbad and San Marcos

Posted by Frank Murch | Oct 3, 2013 9:26:00 AM


bella car magnetic resized 600Everybody has seen them, magnetic door sign. Realtors, contractors, insurance people, cleaning services, fire departments, and just about anybody can use them.  They are easy to put on, easy to take off and effective. 

At Signs for San Diego we do a lot of magnetic signs for cars, trucks and vans. The reason is simple, magnetic signs make your phone ring, increase web site hits and grow sales. How does this happen?

Visibility!!! Before a new customer can possibly call you – they need to know you exist. If their friends and neighbors, their competitors and suppliers are using you – they want to know. They are much more interested in your business if they see you and think you are doing business with somebody they know. It is a rolling endorsement.

Targeted to the people that buy. The problem with aMagnet 1 resized 600 newspaper ad, or a flyer, or most forms of advertising is it hits hundreds or thousands of people who are not interested in the ad. They are outside your area, or their needs do not your business. Advertising on your car places that ad into the neighborhoods you frequent, the businesses you sell and buy from, the places where your current customers are. These areas convenient for you, areas with reference accounts, friends and acquaintances. These areas are exactly where you want to find new customers. These are the types of places your current customers are and people just like them are too. These are the places that fit your business!! Magnetic door signs help in finding the right customers you can service and sell to inexpensively and conveniently. They complement your current customer base.

Magnet 2 2 resized 600

Repetitive impressions. The right people see your business all the time. Most marketers know that it takes between 5-7 times for a customer to remember a name and a product. Your vehicle has a routine and so do the people who see your vehicle. When people see your name over and over, it become familiar. The resistance to contacting you melts away. Your company becomes a familiar friend.

Familiar and personal. Ads are impersonal, but when you allow others to pull in, you stop for pedestrians, yield to others, you are identified and remembered. It puts a friendly face on your business. A Magnetic sign on your door identifies you to your neighbors and friends – they now know somebody in the business. It allows you to be seen and associated with your business. Customers are much more likely to call people they feel comfortable with and know. Your business becomes more approachable.

Magnet 4 resized 600

Get the most out of you magnetic sign

Magnetic Signs can move from vehicle to vehicle. Want to use a car on a sales call and a van for a delivery? Just switch the magnetic sign from vehicle to vehicle. You can use a rental or a borrowed vehicle to use as a company car instantly. Fleet managers and government departments flex there fleets this way. The park service can lend a truck to the fire department or the water deparment can borrow from the maintenance shop. If they can flex their fleet so can you!!

  1. Time for a new sign!! If you have an existing magnetic door sign that has seen better days, replace it!  These signs are inexpensive and a new sign communicates a fresh and desirable product or service. Call Signs for San Diego and we will take care of it.
  2. Wash your car!! A clean car represented you in the best possible way. A sharp looking car attracts customers, and makes customers feel your product is like your car. The car’s look and feel becomes the company’s look and feel.
  3. Be careful and courteous. While onlookers view your driving style, they also associate how you drive with your product. Driving is a calm and reasonable way promoted your business. The opposite is also true.
  4. Simple and straight forward message. When driving a car the viewer has seconds to focus on your message. Your name, what you do, your web site and your phone number is all you need or want.  There is a very human tendency to tell the whole story, but a car sign magnet’s goals are: attention, lends a familiarity to your name and company, and lets people contact you.  Let the details develop on the web site or the telephone – The “Call to action” is the goal of the magnetic door sign.
A lot of small business people already know the advantages of these signs. It requires no zoning, is inexpensive and marks your location. Realtors, contactors, insurance people and just about anybody can use them. They are simple and effective, making your phone ring, increasing your website visitors, and making your bottom line grow. We can help make this happen for you today, give us a call - Signs for San Diego!! 760-730-5118  


make your  vehicle into a  SALES MACHINE




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