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8 Things You Need To Know About Vinyl Banners

Posted by Frank Murch | Oct 9, 2013 11:47:00 PM

As the season turns to fall, the kids go back to school and tourists go home.  This is one of the best times of the year to be in San Diego. The Oceanside beaches are empty, the lagoon in Carlsbad is full of trails waiting for you, I-78 to San Marcos is running smoothly (well, maybe not).  The other thing you may have noticed is that there are banners everywhere. These are very effective and come is a number of shapes and forms

-      Banners are made from Vinyl and cloth. Vinyl is tough, it resists the weather and wind, it looks terrific and the range of colors is wide. Cloth has some advantages, and a number of disadvantages. Cloth is lighter, it shows wrinkles less and it is dyed through and through.

-      Banners can be any size, but 3 X 10 is a standard size. 2X6 is another. The banners can go out to 5 feet tall and 18 foot long pretty easily.

-      Outdoor Banners vs. Indoor Banners usually refers the type of material and the weight.  13 oz. is very common, but weights up to 22 oz. are available. 16 oz. outdoor vinyl is a standards. Indoor banners often are used in tradeshows, and are smooth and rollup into a device that works like an old window shade.

Banner grommets2 resized 600

 -      Grommets and hems are used for outdoor banners. The grommets and “number 2” and similar to what is on tents. The hems can be done in 3 ways: sewn, Welded and taped. Taped hems are the standard.

-      Printed vs. Cut and laminated. A digital print can display a photograph or letters or any shape. The advantages are:

1) Anything can be printed quickly from a file and 

2) a print will never delaminate, The older way to make banners is to cut adhesive backed vinyl and stick it to a base layer. Banners were made this way are still common. They are limited by A) the shapes the banner maker can cut, so these almost never use photo images and B) the older banners may fall apart over time as the adhesive fails between layers and C) the color range is limited.

  • chiropractor Banner8 resized 600

-      Banners can be hung by grommets, pockets on the ends, pinches into a channel or taped to a wall.

-      Retractable Banner Stands are populate and a smart choice for events. They are small and easy to carry, but are surprisingly big on a stage or next to a table. They are one of the smartest ways to attract attention without a lot of weight.

Zoning. For outdoor banners in Oceanside, San Marcos, Carlsbad and Vista, the zoning is an issue.  These are the types of issues to watch for:

-      These are considered temporary and generally hang for 60 days.

-      In some cities they are restrictions about using fences, rocks, trees and telephone poles. It may be necessary to mount on a building or a frame build for the banner.

-      The area of the banner is likely limited. A 3X10 is a common limit, but at times there is some math involved to figure out the maximum size.Oceanside Chamber Banner6 resized 600

-      In some cases permits are required. There are situations where a permanent sign permit is used to allow a temporary banner sign for 30-60 days.


-       If you have questions give us a call at 760-730-5118.  We would be happy to help you promote your event, business, product, political message or school with banners.

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