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How a Lobby Sign Increases Your San Diego Business

Posted by Frank Murch | Oct 17, 2013 8:46:00 AM

When customers enter your lobby they pick up a feel for your company from the way the lobby looks. It is important to make that look into the correct message and image.  The styles and materials for a law office, a CPA firm, a parts distribution company or a repair shop need to be very different. A great lobby sign the correct your style and company function. It  results in an increase the number of “yes” answers from clients, the number of referrals and the “add on” sales you can make.

What are you trying to say?Lobby Sign for CTO Telecom

If you want to convey your expertise in a classic profession such as law, accounting, medicine or finance a corporate lobby sign above the reception desk displaying the name of the firm on solid wood or highly polished metals communicates a refined quality.

If you want to communicate a technical ability and quality for a distribution company, a manufacturer of a repair facility a lobby sign using high tech materials, sharp edges and reflective surfaces communicates your highly refined and developed products and skill set. Use a Lobby Sign with the matching materials

What we can do for you!!

We provide you with unique lobby signs, Reception Signs and matching supporting signage to communicate your company’s abilities and value. This makes your task of selling more, more profitably, much easier. Your lobby Sign set you apart and gets more “yes” answers from the your customers


These are the central feature seen by the customer as they come in. It should be one of the larger signs in the room.  Here are 4 examples of lobby Signs, or reception Signs in the $500- 900 range in Acrylic, Aluminum, foam and PVC. 

The first example is a lobby sign for GTO telecom, a Dutch company founded in 1933 and providing telecom services for over 80 years. The blue is an Acrylic with a nice reflective shine on the base contrasting a reverse image of foam and brushed Aluminum. The words under are also bushed Aluminum. A solid Aluminum panel would be cost prohibitive, so the actual Aluminum is very thin and a foam is used to provide the depth that makes this sign look like something costing much more. It is a great look at a great price. It also communicates a combination of high tech and solid stability.Lobby Sign for NBC

The next lobby sign is for the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) and was first used in 1956. The colors were representative of tuning patterns for the advent of color Television. While important at the time, and having tremendous brand equity, it is important to show a modern, clean look in this iconic lobby sign. Polished Acrylic and razor sharp lines convey a modern, clean look as well today as it was in the mid 1950s – that is over 60 years! This lobby sign is a great example of a modern execution of an old logo. The best of both worlds.

Lobby Sign for Toll Brothers

The next example of a lobby sign is for a home builder, Toll Brothers. The quality of the homes they sell is their signature message. Their lobby sign conveys this. The sign appears to be carved out of solid block of old hardwood. This lobby sign communicates craftsmanship, durability and attention to detail. Actually the lobby sign is not wood at all but HDU – that is High Density Urethane. This material has a number of advantages:  It is durable, it is used for a lobby sign here, but it resists moister, heat, is dimensionally stable at all temperatures and over time. It is uniform and can be shaped on a router repeatable. It is a great material with the look and feel of real wood, but without the environmental impact of killing a tree. It is also a great lobby sign for Toll brothers because of the modern material blended with old world quality.

The last lobby sign here is for Fed Ex. Designed by a fellow named Lindon Leader, this logo has won over 40 design awards. It is one of the most iconic corporate logos. The use of “negative space” between the E and the x has an arrow to propel the company forward.  This lobby sign example used a clear acrylic base. The acrylic looks like glass but at quarter of the cost and less than half the weight. This allows a relatively large area to be mounted on fairly small 1 inch standoffs to give the mass a look of floating off the wall. The letters are PVC painted with colors that are not normally found in solid materials. The entire image conveys the high tech aviation and expedited deliver service it represents.Lobby Sign for Fed Ex

You work hard to pull customers into your lobby. The look and feel of your lobby or waiting are sets the mood of the entire transaction. The lobby sign is the most important sign you have in that room. Convey your professionalism, your trustworthiness and your quality through the use of a great lobby sign. This results in happier customers, more closed business, fewer complaints and easier transactions.

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