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What Office Lobby Signs Do For Your North County San Diego Business??

Posted by Frank Murch | Oct 24, 2013 3:33:00 AM


From Oceanside, California, Vista California, Carlsbad, California and to San Marcos California Businesses like yours need office lobby signs complementing their company’s web site, business cards, other collateral and branding. This creates an image that sticks in your customer’s mind at a critical time in the buying cycle. This is the goal of Corporate lobby Design.

Great  corporate lobby design becomes the center point of the room.

As your prospective and current customers come, ask for people and wait for you – they see your lobby sign and lobby Display. It sets the tone of the relationship and can sell more for you, it creates a bias about the quality or the technology behind your staff, company and product. The lobby sign creates the impression they keep in their minds.  It is the key image creator for your company.Xerox Lobby Sign and Logo

There are 3 elements Office Lobby signage to control:

Corporate Lobby Design – The best Lobby Signs have clean designs. The Lobby sign, like your logo, is a signature mark – not an overly descriptive piece. The correct design can convey stability, high technology, superb quality, a friendly open feeling and many other qualities. The design must reflect the personality of your company (Or the personality you want to become)

Materials - The Office Lobby Signs represent you. The look and feel need to match you. Construction companies may use a heavy shaped wood. Technology companies may want a modern look of Acrylic and High end service providers like lawyers, CPAs and financial advisors may want a brushed or polished metal look. Picking the right materials re enforces your image.Lobby Sign for Laser Care

Placement – Because Lobby Signs are the signature mark in the room, they need to be displayed in a promenade position. In most small businesses, this is behind the reception desk. It is where the customer fills out the visitor log, receives badges, pays bills, receives products and asks for you. In some cases, the position may be elsewhere. It can be an entire wall, or complementing a promenade feature of view within the reception area. If you have an ocean view – use your Lobby Sign to in coordination with that view. Prospective customers relate the lobby to the company’s abilities, deliverables and value to themselves.

Create confidence and trust. Prospective customers need to feel confident about the products and support they buy. Their willingness to reward you with their hard earned dollars is largely expectation and a leap of faith. Provide them with the confidence to trust you and reward you with their Purchase orders.  You know that outstanding quality, attentive service are required to keep them, but they need that emotional reassurance about your company just before taking that leap and placing that first order. Give them that feeling of confidence with an outstanding lobby with the centerpiece as the lobby sign.Corporate lobby Sign

Help Prospective Customers find and remember you

If you are located in an office building on Palomar Airport Road, an industrial complex off Oceanside Boulevard, or a business park off Sycamore Avenue, lobby signs and reception signs help your prospective customers know they have found the right place to do business with.  Lobby signs can be made with standard off the shelf lettering, custom router cut lettering or vinyl. They match your logo and font to a tee. 

Tag Lines, Displays and Art

lobby displays feature your products, explains your history or describes your processes, products, or other customer’s use of  your products. The lobby decor helps the customer to form an impression. Often these pieces can shape the customers tone. If you have a good tag line, this is the place to use it. Fed Ex uses “When there is no tomorrow”, Disney Land is “The happiest place on Earth”, Nike is “Just do it”.  These Tag lines, Displays and Art need to be carefully crafted and choreographed to work with the lobby Sign. Done correctly the customer leaves feeling totally convinced they have made an excellent choice in using your company’s product.Office lobby Sign

How to Get Started

You may be thinking – “Yes, but how can I do this?” The process is straight forward. Give us your design, your ideas and we will start work on a design. We will help with the material choices and the placement as well. Call Signs for San Diego today and see what we can do for you.

Open up a link to the Whitepaper  Understanding Lobby Signs
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