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Monument Signs For Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista and North County

Posted by Frank Murch | Oct 20, 2013 5:34:00 AM

Choosing a monument signs for your business, school, church or campus is not only smart, it well may be the only option in many areas on North County, San Diego. Monument signs convey a premenatcy and quality strongly favored in the sign ordinances. It are lends itself to attractive attention getting ways to identify your business. Monument signs make your business look stable, serious and permanence.Monument Sign for Denitist

Pole signs are falling out of favor and monument signs are replacing them. A drive down Jefferson Street in Carlsbad, Oceanside Boulevard in Oceanside and many other places in Vista and San Marcos will confirm this gradual transition.

In the past, Monument sign design and construction was in wood, stone, brick and occasionally concrete with a facade. Gone are brick monument signs.

These were massive structures requiring a lot of time and money. They also required concrete footers that could support the weight. Over time they often cracked and settled, and when they do, they were nearly impossible to repair.

Today there is a new generation of outdoor monument signs. Gone are the multiple tons of masonry in stone monument signs andclassic monument signs. With this the problems of earthquake damage, settling, or repositioning is gone as well. Gone are the problems with wood including dry rots and termites. Also gone is the problem of corrosion and rust. Why? Modern monument signs are foam monument signs or high density Urethane Monument signs.Church Monument Sign

Modern outdoor monument signs are impervious to the weather, light enough that a normal footer is very acceptable and never corrode or rust.  In addition, they are tough, really tough. The modern Monument sign can take a hammer blow that would destroy its 1970s father.

About 40% of the modern monument signs are equipped with a sign panel. That is a replaceable panel that allows for signage changes without changing the monument sign. That means as tenants change, the sign can change with them.

Installation still takes a little time, but once the footer is set, it is completed in a day. This saves time, labor, and gives you a better sign at a cheaper cost.

A simulated wood grain is available. No trees cut, no termites, weathering dry rot on these modern monument signs. Just a lasting beauty without the environmental impact or the maintenance.Retirement Home Monument Sign

In addition to High Density Urethane Panels, we offers foam monument signs and architectural accents.

Monument signs in North County are changing is two major ways. 1) The construction of Monument Signs today is dramatically different than is the past. It is cheaper, easier, and better today. And 2) the legal bias with the signage ordinances in North County favor Monument Signs over most other types of signs.

 Need help deciding what monument sign is best?  Want to replace a pole sign or a post and panel sign because it will not pass today?s zoning? Give us a call!!

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