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Digital Printed Wallpaper for North County Business Owners

Posted by Frank Murch | Oct 27, 2013 4:27:00 AM

Making your business unique is difficult, but want a new look for your  restaurant, Your retail store front or your lobby? Want to do something big, eye catching, striking, but have a smallish budget? Here is a way to do “anything” without breaking the bank. Don’t build the Eiffel tower – get a great picture of the Eiffel tower and get nearly the same effect at a faction of the price. Need a theme for your daycare play area? Here is how…

What Is Custom Digitally Printed Wallpaper?Digital Wall paper makes a small room look big

Digital Printed Wallpaper, or “logo wallpaper” or theme wall paper are printed on heavy-duty adhesive vinyl and then placed on your wall. These wall murals for North County San Diego business owners are effective because Digital printed wallpaper and murals:

-       Feature the important elements for your business.

-       Can be an advertisement for your products

-       Create an atmosphere or ambience for your restaurant, store of lobby.

-       Are easier to clean and maintain than traditional wallpaper; a protective laminate can be applied to the surface to create a slick, easy to clean and durable wall.

-       Have a wall that holds up to small hands all day, all year, year after year.

-       Brands your business with imagery and visuals.

Wall Murals, the old way the new way: In the past you had different choices

-       Hire a painter and artist to create your Wall Mural. Certainly this is a great way to do if you have the bucks to do it. Unfortunately, even the Catholic church can not afford to hire Michelangelo to paint their Sistine Chapel these days.Digital Wall paper brings the artist's work into your setting

-       Buy preprinted wall paper. Up till now, this is the way it was done. Have an interior designer bring in a book and select a pattern. This certainly works, but it lacks any unique patterns and will not directly fit your company. It is nice, but very “1950s” look.

-       Now the new way Custom Digital Wall Murals, or digital wall paper!! Have an Italian restaurant?  – We can print your vacation photo of that restaurant in Sicily. Run a doughnut shop – How about images of the Cafe du Monde in New Orleans.  If you can find a picture of the best view, the best factory the best place for your product – why not use that to promote your business?

Solve ProblemsDigital wall paper makes a small dark room bright and interesting

Have a lobby that is too small?  Use Digital Wall Paper and picture a bigger lobby!  Are you a home owner with a dark and drab room, brighten it up with a bright wall paper scene!!  Lacking a window in a condo?  Get an window with a fantastic view. Solve problems with these common room issues. This is the way to make the area bigger, brighter, or change the theme to minimize the problems.

Digital Wall Paper is the latest technology

Digital Wall Paper is just now becoming available. In the next 20 years this technology promises to become wide spread. Today it is an ideal way to stand out. It is the next wave of interior design. This will make your rooms unique, attractive and help you sell the theme. When people remember your room, they come back and enjoy the space. Every playroom, ever retail store, every lobby need this.

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