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Using Digital Wallpaper and Wall Murals in North Country San Diego!

Posted by Frank Murch | Oct 30, 2013 4:22:00 AM

Starting a company or remodeling in North County Oceanside, Vista, Carlsbad or San Marcos? Digital wallpaper and custom wall murals let you do great things!! North County is home to great companies like Scripps, ViaSat , Stone Brewing and Hunter Industries. While these larger companies anchor the area, there are dozens of smaller entrepreneurial businesses leading the way into the future. These cutting-edge businesses are free thinkers and looking for new and fresh ideas. Old methods and ways are not going to make that look and feel of the leaders we really are. Digital wall paper murals and custom digital wallpaper is so new, most do not realize what it is. It matches the entrepreneurial sprit that is North County San Diego.

Why Custom Digital Wallpaper?

Wall Paper has been used for over a hundred years. It can cover problems on a wall, it can change a mood ad color, ad style and ad texture. Everybody knows about old wallpaper – it dates the wall and can make a room look dated, too busy and too contrived. Custom digitally printed wallpaper opens up a new world apart from it’s older cousin. The look and feel of digital murals and wallpaper is limited only by your imagination. Want to put your company history on the wall – no problem, want to super impose your product on a famous site – easy, Want to open up the product and make it understandable to your customers in your lobby – you can do that!!  For restaurants, have a picture of Rome, or London or a sidewalk café or an inspiring view? Don’t settle for a white wall, use a custom look through digital wall paper to set the theme of the exchange.  You can make your room memorable, educational and set the mood.

Putting the Movement in MuralsDigital Wall paper, Digitial image of skyline

When you use a wall to change your room from a bland blank to a digital wall mural using a key photo of the Oceanside Pier, the San Diego Skyline, or the beach you engage your customer. Digital wallpaper takes customers by surprise and makes their visit remember able. Making your walls stand out for your North County San Diego customers, these digital wallpaper prints we use high-quality wall film from manufacturers like 3M and Avery. At Signs for San Diego we use the best materials: the best wall paper blanks, the best ink and the best resolution. All you need is a good camera jpg or a vector file. Sounds Great and it lasts!! 

Intrigued?  Have a great picture of your kids – Print the images and wall paper your home office!  Want a picture of your classic car on the wall of your garage? We can do that!  Want a picture of a French vinery in your kitchen - oui oui. Have a great picture of a library – put it in your study. Digital Wall Paper

Fix a problem

Have a room that is too small – Wall paper one wall with a picture with depth – it makes the room look much larger.  Have a room without a window – Ad one and a view as well!! Change the look and feel of the room and correct, mitigate, change the theme.

Installation Is Easy

You can get a professional to install it, or do it yourself. A clean wall a little wall paper paste, a brush and a little time is all that is required.

Digital wall paper makes a bedroom look bigger This means you can transform the look of a room over a weekend or even over night. Digital wall paper is the cutting edge of interior decor. It tells the world your company or home is cutting edge as well.  Call Signs for San Diego today and ask us about our wall murals and digitally printed wallpaper options. We can help you understand your needs and the image requirements you might have.

Time to take the lead over your competitors, time to use technology to distance yourself from the crowd. Time to let digital Wall paper make your room unique and memorable. 


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