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Digital wallpaper for Doors and Ceiling Tiles!!

Posted by Frank Murch | Nov 1, 2013 2:21:00 AM

You may be aware of Digital Wall paper. You can put any image on custom wall paper and make a room unique. But a Digital wall paper mural is not the only way to create an interesting and unique look for your space. There are 2 other spaces that can be used in interesting ways: Doors and Ceilings!!

Ceilings!!Digital ceiling tile

Look up! In nearly all office space ceiling tiles are the norm. We can take a meeting room, a lobby or another room and make it distinctive. We all have spent a little time in the dentist chair – looking up at the ceiling. Many dentists know that a customized ceiling tile picture helps the time go by. Spas and hair salons use these as well, but this idea can go a lot further. Have a child with a favorite character?  Put a ceiling mural of that hero above the bed and let their imagination run into the themes they enjoy. Have a meeting room that is sterile and boring?  Replace 4 tiles with a ditial ceiling tile of the sky filled with jets. Have a dinning area that fails to inspire? How about changing the ceiling from white to different frescos that relate to the types of food served?  Ceiling graphics are unusual and interesting. You can lighten the mood, change. 

This also opens up a whole new area for wayfinding and advertising. If you have a retail store with rows of shelving – put the picture of the product above the shelf and let people look up to find the correct place to find their product. Put a compelling image of the ceiling and people stop and stare – when is the last time you had an ad the stopped people in their tracks? This will do exactly that.

DoorsDigital door wrap

Does your office or home have flat panel doors?  Have banners or signs next to those very same doors? Why not use those doors?  This is a new and exciting decorating and advertising idea. Have an office that serves as your business area – put a ditial door wrap with a “safe door” on it. Have a door leading to a warehouse?  Put a custom door wrap with warehouse door look.  R&D – how about a a digital print and wrap with a “Top Secret” theme. These are fun and limited only by the images you can find. Click here for more information

Kids can make their room there own – put a theme on the door. Turn boring into interesting. Make normal into unique. We use digital printing on adhesive backed vinyl. We can print anything or the vinyl and then mount the vinyl to the door.  Most flat panel doors are boring and look cheap – Made them into wooden doors!  These can be built with a laminate meaning they resist spills, fingerprints, scuffs and other wear issues. Turn an old door into a new one!! ANY image can be printed and mounted on a flat panel door. It is fast and simple


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