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Custom Digital Wallpaper and The History of Wallpaper

Posted by Frank Murch | Nov 9, 2013 8:16:00 AM

We’ve all seen wallpaper right? Wallpaper is usually used with big scenes or patterns to cover bedroom walls, kitchens and dinning areas. But do you know where the use of wallpaper actually began? Here’s a brief history of how and why wallpaper began.Digital Wallpaper Printing

Painting walls in caves started with dawn of man.  The first known case of paper being used and then applied to a wall was in China in 200 BC!! Wallpaper gained popularity in the Renaissance (14th – 17th century) Europe. People of means lived in relatively large buildings with dual roles: housing and defense. In the beginning of the middle ages wood was the material of choice, but stone replaced wood because of its durability and fire resistance. Rooms made of stone are cold. To make them more comfortable tapestries were used. Tapestries decorated their walls and provided an insulating layer between the stone wall and the living space. Tapestries are expensive and were even more so then. A picture of a tapestry is a much cheaper alternative. Wallpaper started in Europe as a more affordable alternative to tapestry.

Early wallpaper had scenes and patterns similar to the ones being used on tapestries. They pasted these wallpapers to the walls in most cases, but some were hung loose and others were framed.  England and France led the world in wallpaper manufacturing during the Renaissance era. As the industry developed, the range of images expanded, but even today these are repetitive patterned pictures. The wallpaper we all remember from the 1930-2000 looks dated and old.Digital Wallpaper on cutting table

Wallpaper now can be customized and produced using new digital printing technologies. Digital wallpaper still covers walls inside homes, businesses, offices, corporate lobbies, restaurants, and other types of buildings. Old Wallpaper is a background rather than a foreground. Wallpaper’s primary function is decorative and the choice of the wallpaper can have an effect regarding the choices of decoration and furniture. The wallpaper can also have the function of indicating the purpose and need of a room and it may also indicate the gender and age of the room’s occupants.

Installing your custom digital wallpaper, with a picture of your favorite landscape, moment is your kid’s lives, your favorite ski slope or other image that will go perfectly with your decorations, is now possible with customer wallpaper. Before you install your wallpaper though, there are several important points you must take into consideration that will help your final results look awesome.

The WallMounting Digital Wallpaper

The wall you’re covering with your digital wallpaper is one of the most important elements you must take into consideration. First you must know the dimensions of the surface to know what size your final output is going to be. Also, you must make sure the surface of the wall is as clean and smooth as possible to prevent wrinkles and air bubbles.

The Image

The image you want to use for your wallpaper has to be high quality. The bigger the space you’re trying to cover on your wall the higher the quality of your image has to be.  Low quality images are not suitable for digital wallpaper – it will pixilate and lack the required detail.  Digital wall paper images may be 10 meg or larger.

The Profiles

The software used to print has several kinds of profiles, depending on the output material you are using you must know which profile settings to use for your wallpaper.

The Installationcutting the wallpaper to the correct size

Once the digital wallpaper is printed, you must trim the custom image to your wall size your, add glue or wallpaper paper paste to your wall using a brush and mount it. Be aware that while mounting the digital wallpaper, you will notice air bubbles all over your wall, this is fine, most of them will go away after the glue is dry. If you want to avoid them while mounting your wallpaper, it is recommended to start mounting from the middle to the edges of the wallpaper so the air is pushed towards the edges. Often pasting the paper and the wall will build the adhesive thickness and may it easier to avoid air bubbles. This technique also make the digital wallpaper harder to handle.

Final OutcomeInstalled Digital Wallpaper

The results are eye catching. Your new digital wallpaper will transform the look and feeling of your room within a day of work. Digital wallpaper is now the cutting edge of interior design and decoration. Call Signs for San Diego today and ask us about our wall murals and digitally printed wallpaper options. We can help you understand your needs and the image requirements you might have.


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