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Improve your 2014 earnings during the Holidays with Van Graphics

Posted by Frank Murch | Nov 13, 2013 3:18:00 PM

A van is a kind of vehicle for transporting goods or other people. Vans are also known as box-shaped trailers or semi-trailers. A commercial van is constantly moving, either to deliver or pick up some sort of good. To maintain a van in regular operation is a challenge since they are being used all the time for loading, unloading and driving. But there is one more function these commercial vans have which is advertising. Many of these transportation vans do not have some sort of advertising. But to use the sides or back of your van is a very clever idea. Your current customers and your possible new customers will see these ads on your van each day. Every time they see your advertisement is known as an impression and each one of them can result in money for your company. Billboards and newspapers also charge per impression (drivers passing by and readers), Television, Radio and Mail also use impressions to calculate their appraisal value.  


As we know time is just as valuable as money is for businesses. These companies use their vans throughout the year nonstop. Many of these vans as we mentioned have no graphics or advertisements on them because of the shortness of time. But guess what? The holidays are right around the corner! This is the perfect time to drive your van to a shop and add some sort of advertisement to improve your commercial van.

Many businesses do not have much requisition or demand during the Holidays, so most of their vans are unproductive. This lack of demand on companies usually occurs from December 15th until January the 2nd. So if you are planning to get graphics for your van this would be the best time to do it. And if your van doesn’t have any kind of graphic and you are not fully convinced that you need some, here are a couple of good reasons that might convince you.

Your van is, for the most part of the time, in constant movement. It is being used to deliver your company’s goods and/or services. But you might not have noticed one other advantage it has. It’s huge white space on the sides and the back. There is a good amount of space on your van for graphics that will enhance your van and catch people’s attention while advertising your company. Even if it isn’t being used at some time, it could be parked somewhere but people are still going to notice it, and they will notice it with eye-catching graphics.


Vehicle graphics will reinforce, increase and build up your advertisement. Your message will be communicated quickly with the use of eye-catching graphics, bright colors, and effective use of typography and high quality digital images. Even though there are different kinds of wrappings and vehicle graphics (full box wrap, partial wrap, digitally printed decals, cut vinyl lettering, etc.), Signs for San Diego will help you decide what best suits you, your company and your van.

One last important thing you must take into consideration is that you have to know what your design’s goal is. Good ads will create a call to action, which is the respond your target audience will have after they see your advertisement. This is if they will “call you”, “visit your website” or “visit you”. It is a misapplication to try to sell your product and/or service directly to the customer. Customers will contact you or research you and your company prior to hiring you or buying from you.

So there it is, if you weren’t convinced on why you needed graphics on your vans, well now you know why you might reconsider the idea and if you haven’t found the correct time to do it, now you know that the Holidays (which are right around the corner) would be the best time to do it. Signs for San Diego can help with you with the design, the materials and the installation required to advertise your company with the use of trailer graphics on your van. We know the best way to get you noticed by other people. And we also know that the effort will last for years and years. We can schedule a time when you are not using your vehicle. Let us help improve your business, increase your web traffic, up people in your show room and make your phone ring. 

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