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How a Lobby Sign is Installed

Posted by Frank Murch | Nov 19, 2013 11:17:00 AM

Lobby SignThe first customer impression for a visitor is your Lobby Sign. The central visual element in your reception area is this lobby sign. The interior decoration elements you choose for your company have a big impact on your customers. The lobby, or reception area, must make a good strong first impression on your clients. Your lobby sign makes big impact and is the focal point in your reception area. Your customers sign and wait in this room, they form their first and lasting judgments of you and your company. A good lobby sign with an effective, clean and elegant design, creates the perfect opportunity for you and your business to create a good first impression with your clients to make a long and trustworthy relationship.

Do you know how a lobby sign installed and what are the important elements to have in consideration while doing this? Well let’s take a look. The video at the bottom will also give you an idea of how it’s done.

In this example, Signs for San Diego installed a lobby sign for Sage Beverages, a local company from Northern San Diego County. The first step to install this lobby sign was to draw on a big sheet of paper, the sign’s perimeter, and also the points where the screws would go, which would later hold the sign on the wall. It is also smart to make a note on the sheet of paper which part is the top and which one is the bottom. These baselines were done to have an idea of where the sign would go on the wall and how the sign was going to look once installed.

Lobby Sign

After this, the wall has to be measured, and double checked to center the sign perfectly. Positioning the lobby sign is essential, it has to be placed where everyone notices it when stepping into the room.

After the sheet of paper with the drawing of the sign was centered and leveled, we placed it on the wall using tape. Then, we drill several holes onto the wall though the paper. These holes form the spots where the screws hold the sign.

Lobby Sign

After removing the sheet with the baseline, we place the sign’s support studs into the holes, and we carry the lobby sign in, placing it on the wall.

IMG 1382Lobby Sign







Each stud acts as the base for a one inch chrome standoff. The standoffs bring depth to the lobby sign.  The Standoffs go through the sign and anchor it with a threaded cap. The cap installation in the final mounting of the lobby sign and the lobby sign is now installed.   

Lobby Sign

Now you know how to position and installed a lobby sign. The lobby or reception sign becomes the central attention point in the room for your target audience. Lobby Signs help your customers find and remember you. You may be thinking – “Yes, but how can I do this?” The process is straight forward. Give us your design, your ideas and we will start work on a design. We will help with the material choices and the placement as well. Call Signs for San Diego today and see what we can do for you.

Example. Now that you know the details – want to watch how it is done? Click on the video link below and see it for yourself.


Watch the video here. 


Open up a link to the Whitepaper  Understanding Lobby Signs

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