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A Brief History of Vehicle Advertising and why it Works

Posted by Frank Murch | Nov 20, 2013 4:30:00 PM

Vehicle Advertising is the selling method of covering a vehicle with some sort of advertising. This creates a moving billboard which is more effective than a traditional advertisement. But when did vehicle advertisements became so popular and why? Here is a brief explanation of how vehicle advertising began.

taxisVehicle advertisement methods began in the early 20th century with the use of streetcars. But it wasn’t until the 1990s that vehicle wrap began. Taxis in Germany are colored beige by law. Beige, being such an unattractive color, makes it impossible to sell the vehicles once they’re not used as taxis anymore. It was during the early 1990s when this problem with German taxis led to a new industry. Around 1993, Kay Premium Marking Films requested a beige vinyl that could cover an entire taxi. The taxi’s color was black, and instead of re-painting the taxi beige, they decided to try a new way of changing its color, beige vinyl wrapping. Three years passed and the taxi had completed its service, the vinyl was removed and it left no trace of scratches on the black paint. The vinyl not only made it easier to change the taxi’s color, the vehicle’s price was improved since the original paint was in such great conditions, and like this, the vehicle wrap industry began.

Changing a vehicle’s color with vehicle wrap was just the beginning; a few years after, a new use for wraps on vehicles began: advertising. Wrap advertising differs from regular ads because they try to envelop large vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks, trolley cars, trains, etc. As newer technologies have emerged, new options for vinyl were being used on vehicles such as matte, gloss, and printable vinyl.

Another great way vehicle advertising which is being implemented more and more is window perf. Perf is short for perforation. This is a series of small holes in the vinyl. This kind of advertising is used more commonly in trains, trolley cars, buses and some vehicles now have them on their back or side windows.

truckBut why is the marketing industry looking into vehicle advertising? Because of two obvious reasons, the first one is that people remember in pictures. A picture is retained quicker than a whole message. A company is usually associated quicker with an image than with a phrase. The other reason why marketing industries use vehicle advertising is because of the one segment everyone has in their lives: travel. We travel to work, to school, shopping and just about everywhere. Travel is considered as dead time because we wait to get to our destination. But travel time is also the time when we are aware of the road and traffic around us.

To compare vehicle advertising with other ways of advertising, let’s take a few points into consideration. Billboards are seen by huge amounts of people every day, and they are seen from large distances. But the cost of renting one goes up to $5,000 bucks a month. A newspaper advertisement also goes from around $500 to $5,000 bucks a month. And an advertisement on local, network or cable television can go from thousands to millions of dollars.

The price of vehicle advertisement is not much at all, you basically pay for your design, materials and installation. There’s no monthly fee because it is your own vehicle. Now this way, companies advertise their product and / or services while driving to their customers. If you want graphics on your company vehicle don’t hesitate and give Signs for San Diego a call. We have the material and construction knowledge to make the effort last for years and years. We can schedule a time when you are not using your vehicle. Let us help improve your business, increase your web traffic, up people in your show room and make your phone ring.make your  vehicle into a  SALES MACHINE

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