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Advertise 24/7 with Vehicle Vinyl Lettering

Posted by Frank Murch | Nov 26, 2013 4:29:00 AM

We have all seen car wraps.  These are about the same cost as new paint. they are effective and many businesses make major sales gains using full car wraps. However you may not want the expense and delay of a full wrap. A great alternative is using vinyl lettering! While vinyl lettering may not have the full visual impact of a car wrap, it may get you 70-80% of the calls with 20-30% of the cost. Does your competitor understand the cost difference? Probably not!  Using your service vehicles for advertising is smart, very smart. It is like having a team of salespeople working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Full Vehicle Wrap

Signs for San Diego specialize in Service Vehicle Graphics. Need a pickup  truck lettered in Oceanside, or a box truck lettering in Vista. Need a service van graphics in Carlsbad, or a sales car wrap in San Marcos – we can do it. We can create your vehicle graphics and get your mobile marketing campaign started.

Why Vinyl Letters? Vinyl letters are affordable, fast and effective. If you are new to vehicle graphics, there is a range to consider. The most cost effective are door magnets. These start at $100 / pair. Then use cut vinyl letters on your windows – this is as low as $100 and up to several hundred dollars.  The next step is lettering on the body of the vehicle. This can range from $200 to over $1000. Partial wraps and full wraps follow after this.Cut Vinyl on a rear window

So why buy vehicle lettering? Simple, the first step in your campaign is visibility. Customers buy from those visible to them.  Vehicle graphics lets them know you, your products and your customers. The last point may be the most important – If their commercial neighbor is using you – it is an endorsement. If you are always on the highway – your customers must be close to your target customer who sees you on the same route every day.

Understanding Cut Vinyl Lettering. Signs for San Diego only uses the best materials – Why?  There are at least 6 brands of materials and at least 2 grades.  We use a 7 year vinyl from 3M.  It is a quality product with a 7 year manufacturer’s warrantee. May use a lesser 3 year grade to cut costs, but this leaves your competitors looking shabby and worn.

We install the vehicle graphics at our shop. If there is a mistake – you will reprint and make it “right”. Our letters do not peal or fad. We also carry a good selection of colors. Van Lettering on Slab Side

Where should you put the vehicle graphics?  The best location depends on the vehicle. Box trucks have huge “billboard” like areas that scream to be used. Van Graphics do too with those slab sides. Car graphics are a little trickier. A rear window may be the best place, or both driver’s doors. Generally the back and sides are better choices than trucks, roofs and hoods. The front of a car is normally smaller and often viewed with a rearview mirror – hardly the best location.

What should you say? Many people start trying to say too much. Simple and clear messages generally get the best response. Certainly there is a “Call to Action”  This is generally a phone number, but could also be a website.  A QR code can be effective. After this the customer needs to know what you do, a business name and a type of business is enough – Sander’s Plumbing, Johnson Insurance are good. Often a picture “reads” faster than text. A picture of bread on a bakery truck, a picture of a pool for a pool contractor.

This is enough to get the point across. If the vehicle is larger, there is a chance to say more, but remember – simple and clear,Box Truck Graphoc

North county businesses find vehicle vinyl lettering works very well.  Many small businesses can not measure the results, but they feel the impact. The phone rings more, the web site seems busier. The larger companies know this – All AT&T trucks have truck graphics, All Time Warner and Cox vehicles have graphics – Why?  Because they know it works. What about you – ready to handle more business? Give us a call…


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