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Gemini letters: Look Great and Save Money?

Posted by Frank Murch | Nov 27, 2013 6:41:00 AM

Signs are generally custom built. Most businesses need a sign that reflects their message and not some generic message. But the building blocks of these custom signs are often very similar. What would happen if you have access to a set of letters – A through Z – that were right for your company?  Gemini letters may be exactly that.SunsetCrossing resized 600

Gemini letters are generic and made in molds in large volumes.  If you can use these letters, you can get a very high quality at a very good price. So can you use these?  Here are several factors to consider:

Fonts – Using a unique font will give your company a unique look. It also raises the price. If your company uses Arial or Times New Roman – You are in luck. Actually Gemini has 6 core fonts, but there are many others offered with certain materials and sizes. If you are flexible you can get a better letter at a better price?Gemini plastic formed resized 600

Colors – Well Red, Black and White are standard colors, but what about 45 colors? That Magenta – Violet blend is probably not available, but just Magenta OR Violet?  You are in luck!  Again, a little flexibility gets you a great color and still have a very reasonable price! 

Materials – There are 2 basic materials 1) Plastic and 2) Metal. The plastic letters are durable and there is a range of surfaces. They can be flat or sculpted, and thick or thin.  Plastic also comes with a huge benefit – They are guaranteed for – for ever!  That is a guaranty that is hard to beat. For metal, the price goes up, but these are still molded and not machines. What is the difference?  Molded is cheaper.  The expense is in the mold and not in the letter. Machined letters are expensive.  A set of brushed Aluminum letters as really nice, and come with a very reasonable price!Gemini metal cast resized 600

Sizes – If you need 9.5 inches – Gemini letters are not for you, but is an 8 inch or a 10 inch letter will work – you are in luck. Gemini letters run is standard sizes. If you can use the standard sizes: 4”, 5”, 6, 7, 8,9, 10 up to 48 in some cases – you can get a great set of letters and .. tada at a great price.

Mounting systems. Gemini letters have a number of mounting options and they are predictable and generic – again – great news.

Signs are often custom built, but if you are a little more flexible, there is another solution. Gemini letters may be that solution. These are very nice, very good quality and the range of options has been growing for 50 years. You will not save money if you need something unique, but why not take a look at the options and look at the results?


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