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Christmas Banners and Cling Windows for North County San Diego

Posted by Frank Murch | Dec 4, 2013 4:13:00 AM

Downtown Mission in Oceanside, Carlsbad Village, down town Vista and Malls in San Marcos are perfect locations to attract shoppers into the local shops and eateries. Christmas themed banners help buyers get into the mood, they create a festive shopping environment.Use Cling for the holidays

Local retailers are competing with online retailers for business. Use your windows to promote more products.  The space behind your show windows is limited and only a small number of products can be displayed, but what if you could place a picture of more products right there!  That is exactly where people can see the goods, but not have to take the space to actually have it there.  We all know the purchasing decision is driven by a number of factors including the traffic, the touch and feel of the product, the perceived shortage and the opportunity. It is time to be obvious and tell the shopper your store is the place to do their Christmas shopping


Advertising drives foot traffic into your store! The shopping areas of north County are bustling with residents and out-of-town visitors who need to move quickly to fill their Christmas gift lists. Turn these window shoppers into buyers with targeted advertising.Christmas Banner


Banners are bold and can be made quickly. The standard size is 3 X 10, but any size is possible. Using Christmas themes means they can be used year after year. Put the viewer into the Christmas spirit. Turn people driving by into visitors, and customers. Getting them into your store is the only way to get them to know your store and your products.

Christmas Banner2 

Cling – Want a new idea? Have you ever wanted a film you could advertise on for windows? Cling is that product. From major franchises advertising hamburgers to jewelry stores having a Christmas earring sale – cling can be printed in any color or colors, placed on the window quickly and taken down just as quickly. It is temporary.


The window of opportunity is short.  It is time to advertise now – to realize that Christmas gift giving boost to sales and make 2013 revenue numbers work.  For many this is the time to give one great push to the effort

Cling on Shop Windows 

Spread the holiday spirit with targeted advertising and theme advertising, give us a call

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