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Signs for San Diego Documentary

Posted by Frank Murch | Dec 4, 2013 3:39:00 PM

signs for san diegoSigns for San Diego is a sign shop in North County San Diego. Its main goal is to produce signs and to get people’s brands out there and to communicate what other companies are as well; to deliver quality signs on time and be able to give to the clients what they need and want. A good way to explain how Signs for San Diego delivers to their clients is with videos. Videos tell a story in a way that is easy for people to understand. No reading, no eye glasses or eye strain. It is also easier to say what your business actually produces and how it can benefit you.

The best answer I can think of is to have somebody else tell the story. At Signs for San Diego, we spend every day working on signs. It takes somebody who is inside enough to know what happens, but outside enough to have perspective. We are just too close to see the story in terms customers can understand.

When Ivan Rodriquez offered to produce a video we could use to explain Signs for San Diego – I jumped at the opportunity. Ivan took a step back the asked the questions that somebody just walking in wanted to ask. He did not ask about color profiling, or different types of substrates. He asked about the reasons the company exists and what roles people play. We know every detail and issue within the company. We know every aspect and every strength. We suffer from the "curse of knowledge." We know too much about Signs for San Diego to ever give a viewed a simplified story. We also do not have the time to tell about it.

Found within the video, here’s a brief commentary explaining what Signs for San Diego can produce for your company.

“We do a whole bunch of different signs, we do banners, we do chloroplast signs, we do large channel letters up in buildings, we also do vehicle wraps which will allow you to have mobile signs, so there’s a whole bunch of different kinds, there’s not really just standardized signs, but it’s just a way to get your message across” says Danielle Dombrowski, Graphic Designer for Signs for San Diego. “We do a lot of vinyl, a lot of printing, digital printing, banners, architectural signs” adds Kimberly Waid, Sign Producer for Signs for San Diego. Frank Murch, Owner of Signs for San Diego also adds that “one of the things we do a lot of are vehicles, so we put labeling or graphics on vehicles, and that’s one of the smartest things that our customers can do for their business because vehicles are not controlled by any kind of requirements, and they get an awful lot of visibility. But we also do building signs, and that helps a lot of people to find where they’re going. And every day when somebody passes your business, they get to know your name, they get familiar with you, it also lowers the barriers to purchasing from a company”.

Signs for San Diego works on sales quite a bit, they have some of the best equipment available, its brand new. Signs for San Diego also bought the contents of an older company so they have really well equipped facilities, they have really excellent people. The one thing Signs for San Diego does not have is reputation, which they will get in time, so every sell they’re involved in they try to do the best they can.

Below is the explainer video. It is simple, easy-to-understand and straight forward. If you are 17 or 70 years old – you can see the people, the place and hear about the motivations for the company.

Click here to watch the video.

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Whether you need a channel letter set, a monument signs, ADA signs, wayfinding signs, lobby signs, or any other type of commercial building signage, we can help! Signs for San Diego is the best sign company for building signs.


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