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5 ways to use Retractable Banner Stands to stand out

Posted by Frank Murch | Dec 18, 2013 4:19:00 AM

At Signs for San Diego we provide retractable banner stands for businesses in Oceanside, Vista, Carlsbad and San Marcos. The normal use for a Retractable Banner Stand is in Trades shows as a booth display, but smart companies do not stop with there…mechanics of a retractable banner

What are retractable banner stands?

Everybody knows the old style roll up window shades and projector screens. Retractable banner stands turn this concept upside down. The banner is printed on a special pop up vinyl and rolls – retracts – into a base. You can pull it out and you have an instant display. It is held out with a pole. Like a tent pole in sections that are like weight and strong. These can be telescopic, or in sections with a bungee cord type stringer. Easy, fast, simple. The retractable rolling mechanism gives you a great looking and stable base to support the banner. The result is a light weight base from 15 inches to a huge 60 inch range. Retractable banners offer the ability to have a huge display area that rolls up, fits in a small case and can be picked up and put on a plane, the trunk of your car or inside your luggage.

5 ways to make Retractable Banners work for you 

1. Trade Shows We normally think of Retractable banners and banner stands as Trade Show pieces – and they certainly are great displays in trade shows. Place 2 36 inch by 6 foot banners right and left of your booth and you have created a big look with a small budget. Use retractable banners to introduce machines or product displays. Retractable banners are the “bread and butter” of trade show displays. Here are a few uses you may not have thought of…

2. Wayfinding – use retractable banners to help the attendees to a conference or meetingdescribe the image find you. A Double banner stand has 2 banners, one in front and one in back. Print your company name and logo on both with an arrow on each banner – one left and one right. Place it in the lobby or hallway of the hotel!  Arrow pointing the wrong way? Simply turn the retractable banner around and use the other banner with the arrow in the correct direction. It is inexpensive, effective and your image increases with your attendance. The hotel or convention center will like it too – it makes a professional impression and takes only a minute to set up.

3.Table Top - Have a table top or a folding table?  Want to create a backdrop with the company information and purpose of that table?  Try a 60 inch table top retractable banner. No booth to set up, no poster boards or screens to lug around – a big display, in no time and with virtually no facility requirements. This is great for any tradeshow, but also the company insurance and benefits table, the blood drive, the kid’s lemonade stand, you name it – Quick, easy, affordable and really clever.Table Top Retractable Banner

4 Reusable Sales promoting - Having a sale or promotion? Retail stores have sales al the time – a retractable banner can draw attention to your sale in a big way. When the sale is over – put the banner away until the next sale. Reuse is a huge advertising savings. Charitable organizations can request donations and volunteers, Libraries can highlight the book of the month, museums can draw attention to special events and exhibits, even event coordinators can use retractable banner stands to create an instant sign in station.

5. Lobby - Have a lobby that is sterile and cold. Use retractable banner stands to dress it up. Let people see what you do without buying a 2nd set of graphics. Reusing your trade show retractable banners in your lobby is very smart. It makes the lobby into a sales space and gives people something to do when they are waiting for there appointment. When the tradeshow comes – retract and go. Your booth experience and your lobby experience need not be a double expense.

Retractable banner stands are popular for business owners who want big results on a budget. They are durable, portable and affordable. Let us help you with your next retractable banner stand – you will not be disappointed.


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