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Use you vehicle graphics to advertise your business

Posted by Frank Murch | Jan 13, 2014 8:47:00 AM

Cut Vinyl Letters on Vehicle Glass

Using your vehicle to advertise your business is a smart move. There are a range of advertising opportunities and car wraps, van graphics and truck lettering is one of the best and easiest ways to let your prospective customers know about you.

The advantages of vehicle graphics are numerous:

Exposure: Vehicle signage reaches more people.  A vehicle can easily be seen by 50,000 people a month. That makes it very effective compared to radio, newspaper or other mediumUsing the rear window of a van for advertising

Targeting: A message on your van reaches your customer’s delivery points and your company and all points in between. While there may be customers on the “other side of town” our current customers are near their competitors.  That is you are seen over and other by potential customers on these same routes.  These customers are convenient and cheaper to service than those not on your current routes – These are the right customers.

It is repetitive: A Vehicle Lettering travels in patterns. So do your prospective customers. When a person sees a message once, they probably do not remember it. Studies show that they need to see a message between 5 – 7 times to recall it. Because they have patterns and you do as well – they see your message on your vehicle graphics routinely. This is exactly what is remembered when they are ready to buy.

Other advantages you might not think of:

In the case on the “bagel van” it turns out bagels are delivered all night. They are in the back of hotels, stores, restaurants and businesses.  Police question vehicles without signage. When the sign is on the vehicle, it gets a pass.

Security gates also stop vehicles with no identification. The vehicle signage gets a pass through the gates.Using the side windows of a van for Vehicle Graphics

The increase in sales can be dramatic. Most small businesses see the phone traffic go up. The cost of the sign is a one time expense, but the results continue for years.

Lettering and logos can be placed on paint or glass. Many vehicles have back windows that are great locations for signage. Many also have quarter windows that can be effective. Not taking advantage of these surfaces can be a mistake. Taking full advantage of the effectiveness of vehicle signage is just a smart thing to do.

Here is an example:  Top of the Bagel is a great example of a well run small business.  They do a retail and wholesale business.  Both require deliveries. Because bagels are consumed at breakfast, and freshness is a key element of quality, they cook all night and deliver through the night. This van delivers bagels to hotels, restaurants and companies during the night. 

The signs are in the rear window, and both sides.  Other restaurants, companies and hotels can see who is supplying their competitor. It is like a rolling endorsement or reference.  The vehicle graphics help greatly. Also there were a number of cases where the police stored a “surplus van” and the driver had to explain that he was delivering bagels – No more. The signage identifies the role of the vehicle and allows the deliveries to happen quickly and without drawing unwanted attention.

Want to find out how we can help you increase business with vehicle lettering? 

From there we will put together a picture of the graphics package. If you like it, we will make it, or if you don’t – we will change it to make it fit.  Then bring your car in and we will transform it into a selling machine.

The first step is to email us and let us know!!

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