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Accurate Alignment opens in Oceanside!!! We created the Sign

Posted by Frank Murch | Jan 8, 2014 6:59:00 AM

Signs for San Diego recently installed a building sign of a new company – Accurate Alignment.  Accurate Alignment is a case where a couple of very talented guys are very much in demand. Located at 3810 Oceanic Drive in Oceanside, California – you need to know these guys to get the best.

Do you need an alignment? Cars and tires are expensive, and skipping the tire balancing or alignment can be costly.Building Sign

Tire balancing

Manufacturing tires has improved over the years, but there are small differences left and right, and around the tire and wheel.  Small weights make each tire run true.  This is something you can feel at highway speeds.  Does your car bounce or vibrate on the highway?  It could be a tire balancing issue.  If it is, your tire will wear unevenly and you will need new tires much faster.


Wheel alignment

If your wheel alignment is out, you could wear tires very quickly. You have invested a lot in your tires and in your car. An improperly aligned car tracks incorrectly. It can always track to the right or left causing you to constantly steer away from that pull to stay straight. Or it may feel squirrely or resist response. These problems may well be the result of a bad alignment. A good alignment makes your car track correctly and restores that easy of driving you had when your car was new.

Signs for San Diego created a sign that helps customers find Accurate Alignment.  This is particularly important now, with the new location and the new business creation.

Building signs do exactly that – It helps in the following ways:

Wayfinding – When customers have a need, they want their problems solved.  The address gets the customer just so far.  Getting the custom to the front door is absolutely key. They need to see the place of business, know what they do and be able to understand all of this very quickly. A good sign does exactly this.

Clarity and Creditability – When customers are ready to pay for a service, they need to have a reason to trust your business. Having a good design for your sign is a key element in creating trust.  The Accurate Alignment sign shows the customer exactly what will happen with their car. It shows the lift and the type of work provided. Accurate Alignment does not hide what they are up to – they put it out there right up front. Smart, it creates an understanding and trust quickly. It promises results which is exactly what the customer is looking for

Can we help you get found by new customers? YES, Can we help you create a positive, clear and creditable image fast? YES. Can we recommend Accurate Alignment? YES – they work on my car and the quality is excellent.

If you want to improve your business, look at your signage. Signage is an investment in your future. Give is a call, Signs for San Diego. 

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