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Why The "Geeting Team" Vehicles Graphics Get Noticed

Posted by Frank Murch | Feb 14, 2014 2:11:00 PM

Geeting Vehicle GraphicAdvertisements nowadays are found everywhere, social media, email, television, radio, newspapers, billboards, doors, windows, and tons of other places. Now many of these advertisements are  huge marketing campaigns big companies spend to get noticed. But for a small company or a new company, there are other ways to use visual advertisements to promote their services and products without spending huge amounts of money on marketing campaigns. And one effective way to do this is by using vehicle graphics.

You might be asking yourself why getting vehicle graphics will help your company be noticed and advertised easier, well the answer is divided in two parts: people remember visually and people travel. People remember in pictures way more effectively than when reading a large amount of text, this is because our brains work this way, images are retained instantly; and therefore companies are remembered faster with a logo or a graphic rather than with a phrase or text. The other part of why getting vehicle graphics is smart is because a segment of everyone’s lives is travel. We drive to school, work, meetings, etc., and this travel time is when we notice other vehicles. Placing a car decal or graphic is effective because other people notice other vehicles!

Signs for San Diego was recently contacted by Elliot and Tiffini Geeting who work on real estate and wanted to advertise their company, Geeting, by placing vehicle graphics on their car, jeep and camper. This way they spent little money and their company is now being advertised 24/7 with the use of their own vehicles. Now you might be asking yourself what the price for vehicle graphics is, well it’s really cheap. Vehicle graphics are one of the cheapest advertisement venues there can be. Television, newspaper, radio, billboard ads, all cost a fortune, and there’s the monthly fee or rent you would have to pay. Vehicle advertising prices are really affordable, you only pay for the design, if you don’t have one, the material and the install. There is no kind of fee you would have to pay monthly, you basically advertise for free for the rest of your vehicle’s life.Geeting Side Graphic

Elliot and Tiffini Geeting’s vehicle graphic was a really simple but elegant design, they had their logo on the back window with their website and their slogan. The logo itself is very elegant and clean, it’s basically a letter ‘G’ in a script font but with really stylized descenders and ascenders, making it look really pleasing to the eye. The website and slogan are also included in their graphic and they are designed with a really simple, clean and rounded san serif font so it is as understandable as possible. The color of the vinyl used is white but when looked from certain angles, it changes colors, it is called a Color-Shifter vinyl, and this vinyl changes colors using ambient light to give it a nice eye-catching touch that draws your attention, and this is a unique solution to the standard problem of getting noticed. The same stylized ‘G’ was placed on the back-side windows of the same vehicle and on the side of the camper they own. Also the same design used for the back of the car was placed on the back-side windows of their jeep. The design in this case was very pleasing, and that’s something to consider when getting vehicle graphics, to make your graphics be effective and simple to notice. The install was done quickly and in no time at all, Geeting was now ready to be advertised by vehicles which are now turned into mobile billboards.

Signs for San Diego can help with you with the design, the materials and the installation required to advertise your company with the use of any kind of vehicle advertisement you can think of or might want, full vehicle wrap advertising, window vinyl, car door magnets or car decals. We can help with carlsbad car wraps, Oceanside partial truck wraps, Vista Truck box graphics and everything in between. 

We know the best way to get you noticed by other people. We have the material and construction knowledge to make the effort last for years and years. We can schedule a time when you are not using your vehicle. Let us help improve your business, increase your web traffic, up people in your show room and make your phone ring.

 Download Ways To Make Money Vehicle Graphic



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