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Understanding Lobby Signs

Posted by Frank Murch | Feb 17, 2014 5:02:00 AM


People buy lobby signs when the company situation changes: The company expands and opens in a new bigger location, the firm undergoes a rebranding. The business changes product focus or even starts a remodel.You need a new lobby sign when you move

The customer’s first impression. When your customers walk through the front door the first thing they see is the lobby sign. Lobby sign identifies the business and the product quickly and professionally. Lobby signs set the tone and allow you to get a higher price for your products and services, to charge more for service and to attract and keep better customers. It is a business tool.

Creating the best Lobby Sign take a knowledge of the design factors.  There are elements of this you understand when you see the design, but may not be able to exactly describe. A great lobby sign is a piece of commercial art. Seeing examples helps people to know what they want.

Classic lobby sign for Fed Ex 

Many customers ask about cost first . This is a very natural result of wanting to size the effort. Seeing examples of what others paid for different types of lobby Signs creates an appreciation of what your ideal lobby sign will cost. A careful study of the prices of different lobby signs also may help you to understand where you can cut costs and not compromise the lobby sign. Knowing a few money saving techniques can get you a better sign than you could otherwise afford or the sign you want at a cheaper price.


In many cases – cost is about materials: that is metal letters, plastic, acrylic, foam, PVC and other materials. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Knowing the common materials available greatly aids you in understand what is possible.Stand off used on a lobby sign


Once your Lobby Sign is designed and built  Lobby Signs needs to be installed. It helps to understand this critical process. You can understand idea and suboptimal locations, the complexity involved in drywall, stone and brick walls, and other factors.

A new lobby sign is an event. Maybe your General Manager, the owner or the president assigned the task to you. The Lobby Sign “assignment” can be a delight or a curse. The secret to making the most of the purchase is to understand the issues. If you would like to know more, get the entire 10 page white paper – Understanding Lobby Signs below

click to see 5 examples and  prices of Lobby Signs

For a more detailed study

Open up a link to the Whitepaper  Understanding Lobby Signs
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