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The top 11 things you want to know about banners

Posted by Frank Murch | Mar 3, 2014 2:44:00 AM

Banners are an extremely cost effective way to sell your service, product or event to the world. They are easy to get, versatile to use, communicate a message quickly and provide a high return.

Banners have been used throughout history and date back to the Roman armies.Roman Banner Communicating that you have arrived is important. Roman Armies strike fear into the hearts of their enemies, Hamburger retailers strike hunger into the stomachs of there customers. It works the same way.

Banners reach a targeted audience.  Banners work best in high traffic areas. Banners are about the promotion of an impulse or informational message. If every person on a specific street actually knew about your business – how many would contact you? If you are selling food at lunch time, toys at Christmas, or the viewer’s kids graduation next week – the banner is going to be very effective.

Your Message needs to be simple, short and sweet. If more than 10 words on a banner – we need to be very careful about loosing the message. Many clever banners will have a phone number and 2 to 5 words – that is it. People see the shapes of words faster than reading them.  All CAPITALS can be effective for drawing attention to a single word, but capitals for every work can reduce readability. Color is more effective than black and white. Bold images can be very effective. Here are a few examples of what to say:

Include the phase: time-limited offer, Gone soon, Just arrived,

Event Announcements, register today, limited seating,

Use arrows, the word HERE, or around the cornerBanner call to action

A picture of the product

Mark an area : A School, a city, a shopping area

Include the word: Sale, Discount, Price cut

What is a CTA? – It is a Call To Action.  This is what you want the viewer to do. The number of things you can ask are limited.  Tell your customer what the next step is. Here are a few ways to do this:

Put your phone number right there (call me!), invite them in (an arrow, the word “Here”), give them your web site, twitter or Facebook tag.

These are most of what you can normally do. You want to pick one – maybe two “Call to Action” items. Too many and you wash out your message.

Create Urgency. Banners are generally temporary. Most zoning laws read that banners must come down in 90 days. (Hint – have 4 or more banners and change them out) There areOceanside Banner banners in this town that have been there for 7 even 8 years, but these are the exceptions. As a rule, banners are announcements or something “now”. This creates a need for the viewer to act “now”. So seasonal messages, sales, events, new locations, directions like “turn here!” are generally effective.  The one common exception is branding a location, like a school, a stadium, or a mall with banners. These are territorial banners telling the traveler they have entered the host’s realm (the boundaries of the kingdom, the nation, the high school, the college, etc.). These are not sales banners, but strike a mood or set an environment.

What to say, where to say it and how – Done – Next steps. So now you know what to say, where to say it and a little about how to say what you what on a banner. Lets delve into the details that will make doing these things easy!!!

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