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A Smart Idea - A-Frame & Sandwich Board Signs

Posted by Frank Murch | Mar 5, 2014 4:17:00 AM

A-Frame or Sandwich Board Signs come in a lot of sizes and styles. These signs are used on sidewalks, parking lots, your sales floor, and many other areas. These signs are great for short period uses. Use them for lunch menus in front of restaurants, promote products in outdoor fairs, give parking lot instructions, valet parking, unloading areas, put them on a side walk and a hundred other uses.A-Frame Barber

A-frame signs are made of wood, plastic of metal. Over the years, a huge number of these have standardized on a molded plastic design from Plasticade. These are well built, heavy duty A-frames. They can be used for many many years.


The boards or signs can be made from many materials. Chalkboard, magnetic boards, white boards, and corroplast. Of these corroplast is by far the most common.  Corroplast is a corrugated plastic board that comes in standard sizes.  The normal sizes are 18 X 24, 36 X 24 and 24 X24

A-Frame sign for deep fried peanuts



Because the Corroplast sign has 2 sides, an advertisement can be put on one or both sides. The advantage of having 2 ads can be:


-       Arrows going right or left in one frame

-       An “offer” on one side and “sold out” on the other

-       Two offers in a single sign

 How to install signs in A-Frame

Because the sign itself is removable, having a number of sets is possible. Seasonal signs, sales signs, directional signs can all be used. If your service of product is seasonal or is sold at some times and not others this means you can reuse these signs in an A-Frame for years.


Realtors like these signs because they do not need to penetrate the ground, but are stable enough to stand in the rain, the wind and on concrete, asphalt or any other service. They fold flat and fit in the trunk of a car.


One of the places that use a lot of A-Frame signs is New York. If you are looking for that New York side walk café feel, look at this A-frame. This is a metal sign, that can be a chalk board or a printed sign. It looks great, and lends your establishment a classy look. A-Frame Metal

Use decorative scroll work with powder-coated aluminum sign blanks and your graphic and you have a real stand out. This may well be the best sidewalk signs in North County.


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