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A-Frame Signs and Deep Fried Peanuts!

Posted by Frank Murch | Mar 10, 2014 4:00:00 AM

Every once in a while somebody walks through the front door that is just entertaining. Last week it was James Wade.  He wanted an A frame sign and it was to read - DEEP FRIED PEANUTS You Can Eat The Shells.A-Frame 24X18

A-Frame Signs are portable.  They are commonly used by realtors, , restaurants, barber shops, schools and for events. They are great on the sides on streets to direct traffic, on sidewalks and in isles or sidewalks.

It his case is was for a county fair. There are 3 basic sizes, a 36X24, a 24X24 and an 18 X 24. James wade want the 18X24

But what he was selling is very interesting. As a guy born in the west – I had never heard of deep fried peanuts. It turns out this is a southern food with an interesting history.

It is a South American plant, but we did not get it directly from South America. The Portuguese took peanuts from South America back home and then to Africa. It turns out that the peanut loved Africa and spread rapidly.How an A-Frame Sign Works

In the 18th century on slave ships it was introduced from Africa to the US south – They also had a different name – “Ground Nuts”.

Cooking peanuts generally means roasting them. Boiled peanuts are the greener younger nuts. Spices are added and a regional food is born.Metal A-Frame Sign

There is ad additional story about starving civil war soldiers boiling peanuts for protein. Undoubtedly true, but they knew to do this from at least 50 years of previous history and likely 200 years of African experience.

Deep-fried peanuts are a variation of this. I do not know who first deep fried them, but the trendy food seems to have become popular in the last 2 or 3 years. Now they have arrived in Southern California!!


If you are interested in promoting your product with an A-Frame sign give us a call. Just a hint, Jim Wade brought a bag or peanuts and they were great!!

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