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Interior Office Window – perforated window graphics !!

Posted by Frank Murch | Mar 17, 2014 4:54:00 AM

Window Pref  is a sheet of vinyl with very small holes in it.  From one side of the vinyl, we print an image, the other side is black. It is easy to see out but not so easy to see in. So it has several attributes:Wide Format Digital Print

- Window Pref is one way film – you can see out, but provides privacy from the outside in

- Window Pref is a graphic, the picture is the side of the window and can become the center of the room

- Window Pref cuts down glare and is like a window tint. 

Here is an example. Signs for San Diego was delighted to install a sheet of vinyl perforation film at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. This was the former home of the famous “Top Gun” school.

Miramar was purchased in WWI by the US Army. At the time it was a ranch and was just north of San Diego. The Army named it Camp Kearny and it opened in 1917. It was closed after the war and torn down is 1920. And there it sat until Charles Lindbergh used the parade field to practice landings. In the 1930s the Navy used the land for a manned balloon program. That died and the camp fell back into disuse.perforated window graphics

Things changed in WWII. The Marines built a training camp for machine gun practice. It quickly became a Marine base and the “Fleet Marine Force Training Center” tasked with defending the west coast. In 1940 the 1st Marine Air Wing arrived and built a runway. This is where PBYs were flow out of and it was renamed Marine Corps Air Depot Miramar. There was a Navy facility on the base as well. Both the Navy and the Marine Corps used Miramar. In the east was Camp Elliott for the Marines and the air station was used by both in the west.

In 1947, the Marines moved to El Toro and the Navy took over renaming it to Naval Air Station Miramar. The base was enlarged during the Vietnam War as the “top Gun” school. In 1993 El Toro was closed and the Marines started a long process of moving back into Miramar. In 1999 it was renamed  Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.

This window graphic sits in the Master Sargent’s window to remind the marines why they are there. It was taken on February 23, 1945 and shows five Marines and a Navy Corpsman on Mt Suribachi Iwojiwa. 3 of the Marines were Harlon Block, Frank Sousley and Mike Strank – all killed shortly after this photo was taken, 3 survived: Rene Gagnon, Ira Hayer and JohnInstalled perforated window graphics Bradley. This iconic photo represence the sprite and ethos on the US Marine Corp.

Interesting stuff!!!

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