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Clark Pest Control Building Signs

Posted by Frank Murch | Mar 21, 2014 4:02:00 AM

Clark Pest Control started just after WWII with a couple returning soldiers. Clark PestBuilding Sign with Pealing Vinyl Control has provided the services their customers want for nearly 70 years. The result is they are now the largest pest management company in the western US. Starting from one office they now have offices all over California and Nevada.







Signs for San Diego recently had the chance to change out 4 building signs in one of their San Diego facilities. They needed to switch the building signs out for a number of reasons:


Building Sign to be replaced






1st. The original signs were aging and in poor condition. It turns out these older signs were saved. They are nostalgic and were actually installed by the family many years ago.  These building signs may well find a home indoors for display.  

2nd The logo has changed. The change is not major, but the colors and phone number are now a little more developed. The older building signs were also faded and they wanted a “stark white” to contrast the bolder colors. This creates a newer fresher look.Array of Building Signs with Clark's new and old sign shown

The 3rd reason was expansion. As you now know Clark Pest Management services have provided the best value for thousands of homes, businesses and organizations for many years. This attracts new customers and drives the need for more space. They are moving into the space a few doors down and needed a new sign on this expansion space.

We an additional challenge – All of the building signs above the doors were 12 feet long. Clark pest Control did not want a seem or a pieced together sign. They wanted a continuous 12 foot sign.  This turns out to be a little challenging. The other signs on the premises accomplished the 12 foot span with either an 8 foot piece and a 4 foot piece or a 10’ and a 2’ piece. None had a continuous 12 foot, seamless sign. This makes the other signs weak to crack formation along the seem and many of them suffer from exactly this problem.  We used Lexan, a very durable and long lasting material, that also can make the 12 foot length requirement. This is a more expensive material, but it is a much higher quality material as well. Building Sign "Can" Construction

The results:  Clark Pest Control now has the best building signs in the complex. The white background is whiter, the colors are more vibrant and the materials are higher quality. In the front of the building there is a building sign showing all the occupants. This picture shows the older and newer sign at the same time. These were 8X2 feet. The 2 locations actually have slightly different addresses. This allowed Clark to take 2 slots and double their exposure to the street. These signs help visitors to find the location, but they also serve as a daily reminder to all that drive by. 

The entry building signs were the large 12 foot building signs. This is typical for building signs in that the construction is a “can”. A Building Sign Can is a metal box that is bolted on the building, and brings the sign out 4 to 5 inches. It is trimmed with a 90 degree cap or molding that holds the building sign face on the Can. Here you can see inside the Can. In this case steel was used and the red is a rust inhibitor. These cans do hold water after rains and this water sits on top of the rust inhibitor until it fails and rust starts to eat away at the building sign can.  Most building signs now use Aluminum. Aluminum is lighter and does not rust.Building Signs

It is a bit of a trick to handle a 12 foot sign. They are heavy and flexible. We used a bucket truck and a ladder to reach and guild the new sign in place, then ran it down the channel and affixed it to the building. The result is one new sign here – in this picture and 4 new signs for Clark pest Control. 

Clark Pest Control is nearly 70 years old. They have exceed client expectations for that entire time and are an important part of our community. Part of the reason is they use the most effective pest control in the world, but a bigger part is they put in the extra effort to be exceptional to their customers. Signs for San Diego is proud to be a provider for this excellent company 

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