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Window Graphics and Lettering: 9 types of businesses, 8 elements to use the 6 types of materials explained

Posted by Frank Murch | Mar 31, 2014 4:06:00 AM

Every business has a door and nearly all have windows. These are excellent opportunities to promote your organization or business. Having your sign on a glass surface is cost effective and easy to do.  Are you using these glass surfaces?  If not, here are some ideas on how to start!!

At Signs for San Diego we make and install signs on all sorts of windows and doors.  No matter if you rent or own, your glass surfaces as valuable advertising space that should be taken advantage of.

9 Types of businesses that should use door and window decalsDouble Door Graphic

  1. Professional type businesses such as doctors or attorney offices
  2. Church
  3. Offices interior and exterior
  4. Retail Stores
  5. Food and Beverage
  6. Restaurant
  7. Commercial
  8. Government
  9. Automotive repair shops
  10. Manufacturing Companies

The styles of the window and door graphics changes dramatically form firm to firm, and organization to organization. Other than secrete organizations like the CIA and highly security concerned firms like precious metal refiners can and should use glass to promote and label there organizations.  

8 Advertising elements for your doors and windows

  1. Your company name
  2. Your logo or band name
  3. Address
  4. Your hours of operation
  5. Your after hours
  6. Phone number
  7. Promote products and services
  8. Promote sales

What you display depends on the type of organization you have and what you want to communicate. Your company name is a pretty obvious choice and it is an excellent start. People coming to visit you are looking to identify you from there cars or the side walk. Without your name, your door looks like every other door. Often a logo or brand name helps to identify you as well. Digital Print and cut

Having the hours you are open is common, and it is important. People may visit the area around your door often before walking through that door. Often they will check it out on there way to or from work – If you hours are clearly displayed, it helps your customs plan their next visit.

A Phone number often helps as well. The customer may well call and leave a message – all prompted by being at your door. That may turn into a sale, a reservation, a conversation or allow them to tell you there is a fire next door!!

These are the basic elements to display, but a product name, a promotion of a specific product, a sales price, can be very effective.

Types of materials and style you can use to get great windows and doors. There are 6 main types 

6 types of window decals and materials.

  1. Frosted – cover window
  2. Frosted letters
  3. Cling
  4. Pref
  5. Cut Vinyl
  6. Digital Print and Cut

Frosted films – These films look like etched glass or sand blaster glass. If allows light through but the window is no longer “see through”. This is great for bathroom windows, but we see this film used for office windows, windows looking over an ugly area, places where privacy is desired like line or desks in medical offices and hotels.

Frosted letters and shapes – These are the same films but it is shaped into letters and logos. These films have a very elegant look and feel. Law firms, CPAs, Doctors, Investment films all use this look.

Pref – This is a perforated vinyl. Automotive vinyls are generally 60% open and 40% vinyl. Store fronts are normally 50% 50%. These are generally one way signage.  From the outside the sign is seen and from the inside, it is about 50% darker, but no signage is seen.

Cling – Cling is not a term known to a lot of people. That little oil change sticker in you car windshield, up high on the left is cling. Cling comes in white and clear. It is commonly used in restaurants and retail stores to promote seasonal goods and specials. It is temporary and can be pealed off.  Cling films are excellent for Christmas and other holyday specials, seasonal goods, elections and other short term needs

Cut Vinyl – Cut Vinyl are letters and shapes cut out and placed on the window.  Any color is possible, but 80 is white, 10% black and 10% every other color. The reason for this is White generally has the highest contrast.

Digital Print and Cut – Digital prints can show a picture of graphic, Cut Vinyl are solid colors. A Digital Print and Cut  gives you the best of both. This can be a picture of the founder, a product, a landscape, or anything else.

Size of Letters – you can see that visibility from a side walk will be better than visibility for a car or across a parking lot. A general rule of thumb is 1 inch for every 10 feet of distance from the door.

Do the graphics go on the inside or outside of the glass – 95% of the graphics we do are on the outside of the window. In other words the viewer does not look through he glass. We hear that inside would be better for vandelism and protect the vinyl from the weather. In reality, extremely few of these window and door treatments ever suffer any vandalism.  The vinyl is now guarantied for 7 years, and generally lasts much longer. One of the common exceptions is to have frosted film on one side and letters on the other.

Using window and door graphics is really a “no brainer”. It is a cheap, effective way to promote. Which content elements, what material, how to lay out the message? Give us a call and we can help!!

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