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180 degree Faith Miniseries Shines with new Signs

Posted by Frank Murch | Apr 2, 2014 4:01:00 AM

Rev Rick Meritt recently asked us to help with a series of signs for their Vista Church. Signs for San Diego designs, fabricates and installs building signs commercial properties all the time, and we like churches. 180° FM is an evangelical non-denominational faith ministry that is community conscience. their name is not just a title, but an identity of person & purpose.Building Signs for a Church

 Churches like 180 Faith Ministries provide a place of worship. The relationship with God is both private and public. Telling others about worship is a part of the churches role. Through worship a spiritual discipline emerges. It is within each person of faith, but amplified and focused by the church. The dedication to God involves hearts, minds, souls and strengths. This betters communities, as well as people. This church emphasizes our roles as both teachers and students.  Having a place of fellowship is a relationship among Christians. The members of 180 FM both give and receive fellowship. Their meeting demonstrate that fellowship and the love of each other and the community they demonstrate, nurtures and receive. 180 FM is a small group where they get to know people, support and nurture each other and become stronger through sharing their support of one another. Services are frequent and varied. 180 FM allows people to find the type of experience they can relate to, benefit from and contribute to. A teacher is also a servant , a washer of feet, a person who attempts to live the teaching of Christ at the same time learn from others. The right community to do that is extremely important and 180 FM provides this on many levels and ways to find that experience each of us needs.Cut Vinyl and Digital Print Cut on Doors

"Go into all the world and preach the gospel," Jesus commands us. What does a few signs do, a number of pieces on vinyl, Aluminum and plastic? They are really markers. The mark the place where people gather to become more than themselves, to do good for others and identify with a larger good


Signs for San Diego was very happy to play a minor role in forwarding this church. Maybe the time to worship at 180 Faith Ministries is now, to visit others with a  spiritual discipline and rediscover it within yourself. 180 Faith Ministries is a place of fellowship where people find themselves and each other. 

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