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Design Element: Imagery - How Signs Happen

Posted by Frank Murch | May 2, 2014 10:35:00 AM


Imagery, in graphic design, is the use of vivid images, pictures or graphics to help the descriptive text get a message across to a certain target audience. An image records a visual perception of a certain object or person, providing a depiction or non-verbal representation.

As we know, an image can be two-dimensional, such as a photograph or a screen display, but it can also be three-dimensional such as a statue or hologram. A map, graphs, charts, paintings, drawings are also images and some can even be rendered automatically by using printers and/or computer technologies. All of these kinds of images can be word-image designs that are capable of being added to a graphic design such as a sign or advertisement. 

In the advertisement industry, these images, when combined with other design elements, can be used to persuade or attract consumers’ minds. Visual imagery in graphic design can highlight a product, its features or a company’s branding or logo.

Using effective imagery to boost performanceA recent study made at the University of California, Los Angeles, focused on two different types of advertisement involving visual elements. They showed two types of visual ads to people to record their bran activity. They showed Logical Persuasion ads, which present facts about the product, and Nonrational Influence ads which depicts fun while advertising but has nothing to do with the product/service/company. Researchers found that the brain regions which are involved with the decision-making and emotional processing had higher levels of activity while looking at Logical Persuasion advertisements. These brain regions help obstruct a person’s response to a certain stimuli such as a preventing an impulse to purchase, buy, click, call, etc. These studies suggest that Nonrational ads can lead to purchasing certain product easier than Logical Persuasion ads.

While this is something to take into consideration while designing, proper use of images can lead to people to notice your advertisement or sign and create a call to action to whatever you’re trying to promote. Get people to call you, visit you, Google you, like you, follow you, but most importantly, to buy from you, and do this by using the correct imagery and incorporate them with your other design elements. If you’re not sure how to use imagery effectively talk to us and let Signs for Sign Diego give you a hand with your design.  


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