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Clean Tech Services uses Van Graphics – Very Smart

Posted by Frank Murch | Apr 24, 2014 4:16:00 AM

Clean Tech Services is a local firm that cleans solar panels, windows dryer vents and air ducts also does pressure washing.Van Lettering

Why have solar panels cleaned? Clean solar can product up to 35% more power!!  The dust and dirt blocks the light you have so carefully collected. Clean Tech Services will do this for you using deionized water and soft bristle brushes and rinseing all the dirt off with water. There is no need to shut the system down or make special arrangements, no need to even be home when your solar panels are cleaned - just order the service and let Clean Tech Services do the rest.

You may be thinking cleaning solar panels might effect my warrenty? But the truth is many warrenties even REQUIRE cleaning.

So why did Clean Tech Services use Van Graphics?  Using the van to advertise Clean tech Services is a very smart way to let new customers know about them. There are a number of ways to do this with vehicles: Car Magnets, an emblume, cut vinyl graphics, a partial wrap or even a full wrap are the array of ways. Clean Tech Services choose cut vinyl lettering for their van. This is one of the best and easiest ways to let your prospective customers know about you.

Here are the rewards of using cut vinyl for Clean Tech Services:Cut Vinyl Lettering

Exposure: This van is traveling all over North County. It is on I-5, I-78 and I-15 where the traffic densities are very high. This van can easily be seen by 40,000 commuters every month. That is a lot of “eye balls” and is very competitive with radio, newspaper or mass emails. Even better – the costs are all upfront. Once paid for the additional cost is Zero.

Targeting: The people who see this van are local and within the ideal service area for Clean Tech Services. Even better when the van is parked infront on the customer, the neighbors at see what is happening and who is doing it. These customers are the most profitable and convienent customers a company can get. Clean Tech Service’s regular customers expose these same nieghboring prospects over and over. When they think of cleaning – they tink of Clean Tech Services first.– These are the right customers to target and no other form of advertising can do it better.

Being repetitive is important. Clean Tech Services Van travels in regular patterns.Van Graphic Prospective clients do too. These prospects see Clean tech Services once, then again the day or week, then again and again. Prospects need to see a message between 5 – 7 times to remember that message. The repeatitive patterns do exactly this – repeat the message over and over. When the need for cleaning comes up – they remember the Clean Tech Services name and associate it with that need. This is exactly what gives a company a competitive edge

The increase in phone calls is noticable soon after doing a job like this. Most small businesses can fell the differences, and large companies have measured this for years. Ever wonder why Coke, Geocery Store Deliveries, Furniture Stores and other large companies always use their vehicles for advertising?  They know the value.

Lettering and digital printed (photos, logos, drawings) can be put on the body of a vehicle or the windows. Many vans have black out windows, or no windows making a great place to advertise. Leaving these large flat areas unused is a mistake. You paid for the area and taking advantage of these increases your business.

Signs for San Diego can help you with this type of advertising. We do it for one off contractors and fleets as well. The process is cost effective and once the design is finalized – it takes a few hours to complete. We also do a lot of this work on the weekends when you are not using the vehicle anyway. 

The first step  - contact us and we will get started on one of the smartest advertising tools you can use!!

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