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2014 election Sign Tips

Posted by Frank Murch | Jun 2, 2014 4:19:00 AM

Political Signs: Buy Local, support your community or defend?

For 6 to 8 months your future is in the hands of your campaign manager. When you run for office you are totally exposed to public opinion. After the election the campaign manager disappears.  Campaign Managers are results oriented. Getting good advice and staying on a budget when running fast is a difficult balance. Every election political positioning takes on a life of its own. One area where it makes sense is “buy local” is with political signs.Campaign Signs

In the heat of a debate or on the stump, the last thing you need is an accusation about not buying from local businesses. The next step is to choose a material that can stand up to 10 to 15 weeks and not pay a fortune to do it. In the past coroplast was common, but today polyboard is more common. Polyboard is a cardboard with a plastic-like laminate (polyethylene or polypropylene) on the outside.

Posts can be made of wood or wire. Wire is much easier to place and use. Wood is more stable.  In the ground wire or wood are both great.  On fences, tie wraps work well. If the correct wooden stakes are used, the wood will slip into the links of a fence. The wire will do the same, but slips in easier. In both cases a trip to the dollar store for a bag of tie wraps (Zip Ties) will secure the top of the signs.

Campaign managers often design effective sign art by following some very simple guidelines. Nearly all these signs are on surface streets with voters traveling are below 35 mph. Intersections are the most useful, drivers are more attentive, traveling slower or stopped.  It takes between 3 and 7 times to develop name recognition. The more signs at more intersections make that name recognition faster and deeper.

Using as little text as you can means the text can be larger. Large letters are easier to read. Using the name, and the office is enough.Political Sign

Using color and contrast also makes the text “pop” and makes you stand out more.

Sharp color contrast means using dark blue, green, red, purple or black over a light color such as white, yellow, or orange. Using florescent DAY-GLO color is also effective.

How many signs is the right number? The correct number depends on the geographic area, the timing, the number of volunteers and your budget.

This can vary dramatically; the number of volunteers and supporters you have to distribute your signs amongst, and (of course) your budget should be considered. The minimum is 200 signs per 100,000 people in the district.

A pretty shopping list would have:

1. 2000 24 X 18 coroplast signs

2. 10-20  3X8 banners

3.  5-10 4X10 banners

4. 5000 bumper stickers

5. 4 or 5 table throws

6. 1000 magnetics and

7. 5 sets of car door magnets


For more information give us a call or download our white paper

Learn how to make effective election signs

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