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Guide to Buying an A-Frame : 3 “Must Know” Types

Posted by Frank Murch | Jun 9, 2014 7:18:00 AM

The A-Frame sign is so humble, so versatile, so useful, but do you really know what is out there and what you can do with it?

Need portability? Need to change messages? Need great placement? Need to be there, be seen and be gone?  You need to know A-frames. They ride in the trunk of a car, they setup in seconds, they stand proud on sidewalks, curbs, lawns, even on top of cars and they can say anything from “this way” to “Sales” to Event Here” to “sign up” to just about anything.

There are 3 basic A-Frames. Each has its own brash way of saying “I am here” and each has a set of features.

Metal Sandwich boardMetal A-frame or Sandwich Board Sign

The first is the most elegant and charming.  The Metal Sandwich board is common for restruants, and sidewalk cafes. It can sport a menu, a chockboard, an event sign or even an arrow,  It assumes the fravor of the sign and can be old world, or chic or refined.

The Wire Frame A-Frame

This is a utilitiarian afare with the ability to sport a “rider board”.  The rider board is the name for the sign above the frame.  It says “OPEN HOUSE” or “OPEN NOW” or anything you want to yell out.  Under the frame is normally a 18 X 24 label.  These are very common for realestate proffesionals and why not?  They are inexpensive, easy to transport, setup is seconds and are very durable.Wire A-Frame Sign

The Plastic A-Frame

This is a plastic molded A-Frame. These are seen is convension centers, parking lots, stopping malls, and just about everywhere else too. These are a great to advertise indoor or outdoor. They are very solid and last forever.

Standard Sizes 

The sizes can vary, but there are 3 basic sizes, a 36X24, a 24X24 and an 18 X 24. The 24 X 18 is the most comon.

The materials the signs are made of varies, but a coragated plastic called coroplast is the most common.A-Frame

So now you know, there are 3 types of A-Frames that let you Catch the eyes of your future customers. There are 3 possible sizes of signs that can be mounted into A-Frame. These are portability, the messages can be changed and the placement – perfect. Use A-frames to be “there”, be seen and be gone!


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