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The 7 Secrets for Magnetic Car Signs.

Posted by Frank Murch | Jun 20, 2014 5:25:00 AM

Car door Magnets have huge benefits for a small investment. It is a cost effective Marketing Tool for Local Businesses, and are one of the most budget savvy ways to reach an magnet design

Who can use magnet signs on a car? Well anybody from insurance agents, contractors, real estate agents, decorators, landscapers, pet groomers, pizza delivery restaurants, maid services, party entertainers and even bakers. Most people buying Car door magnets are looking to remove them. That is they need the vehicle for one purpose some of the time and another some of the time.  Want an advertisement free car for Sunday, but use it to advertise on Monday – this is the answer.  While small businesses are a major user of these, car door signs are not limited to small businesses.  Need a fire department vehicle for a funeral on Friday and a city inspection vehicle on Monday – Car door magnets are the way to go. Need an official press vehicle for an event, but don’t want to broadcast you investigation before – car magnetics! Have 2 part time businesses and want to identify with one or the other but not relate them – car door magnets.

There are a few things you need to check to see if this will work for magnet lamination

1) Check the Metal   Take any magnet and place it on the door or body of the car – it is sticks, you can use a car door magnet. If it does not stick the car door is made from High Density Urethane (Chevy Ventures are), Fiberglass (Corvette) or Aluminum (Some Jaguars; are)

2) KISS it (Keep It Simple Stupid)  People get excited about what they do. If it is your business, you should get excited!  There is a tendency to want to list out everything on a sign – don’t fall for this trap.  A Sign needs to be readable quickly and easily. This means your name, what you do and your contact information is all you need AND all you want.  More diminishes the effectiveness.

3) Use Color   In the printing industry, they charge for each color.  This makes sense because they print each color separately. Newer technologies like digital printing prints all the colors at the same time. Using color should not cost more. Bold and contrasting colors increase attention, retention and increase contacts – you should use bold colors.

4) File Type and Density    Many people find a photo on the internet and use it.  This is not a good strategy. Use the highest density image you can get (these are normally over a meg in size and can be 100 times that). The original camera file, the original artist vector file are much better. You probably can not tell on a computer screen, but as the sign and image get larger – it is more and more important.

5) Draw Your Door lines and write down the sizes   Generally Car magnets come are about 12 X 18, but for cars have creases, door handles, cut outs, trim or other obstructions. Car door magnets do not need to be rectangular or ovals – they can be very specific to the door.  If you have a door with a slab side – no worries, but if your door is styled – draw it and put the measurements on the drawing!  We can fit the sign to the door

6) Keep magnets flat    The number one cause of death for magnetic signs is heat.  These signs are removed and thrown into the car. The interior heats up and the magnets distort in the heat. They need to be stored flat and preferably in a cooler place.  When they are on the car – the contour of the car will keep them in good condition, but without that support – them tend to be damaged. Some people store them in the trunk – stuck to the lid or on a side. Others store them on a flat board.

7) Keep your car clean    The number two cause of death for magnetic signs is dirt.  Over time all cars get dirty. When you clean your car, clean your magnets. Obviously the face of the magnet will get dusty, but clean the back as well.  Small magnetic particles stick there and ride between the car and the magnet. These can A. Scratch the car and B. create little pockets that distort the magnet and make it loos adhesion.

So now you know the 7 secrets for car magnets. Almighty Garage Door Final Magnet Design


make your  vehicle into a  SALES MACHINE

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